"Chopped hands" for ten years: from town youth to global cargo sweeping group

Reporter Lu Xiao reports from Beijing

From 2009 to 2018, the double eleven Carnival of artificial shopping has gone to tenth years.

Over the past nine years, Shuangxi has evolved from a game of Taobao and 27 small partners into a shopping festival with the participation of the whole people. Double eleven also swept the financial, logistics, technology and many other fields, and forced the upgrading of industries. But in the past nine years, the double eleven sales figures, which have repeatedly reached new heights, have been growing slowly, and it is difficult to stimulate consumers'purchasing desire with a variety of games.

By the tenth year, Shuangxi has undergone changes, and China's retail industry has undergone tremendous changes. Double eleven has always been a mirror for us to observe China's retail industry.

From online to full channel

The beginning of double eleven was once the helpless help of e-commerce website.

Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, once confessed that the reason why he decided to make the double eleven in 2009 was that he had no way but to live. He recalled that at that time, he had just started to do B2C business, and all brand companies had just started to access the Internet, but it was not clear how to do it. Tmall, also known as Taobao mall, needs to be remembered.

Who would have thought that the electricity providers who had tried to survive would get the next line to fight. But who ever thought that with the disappearance of online traffic dividend, e-commerce should not only make efforts to renovate offline stores, but also take these offline partners to group together to brush double eleven.

In the tenth years, double eleven has become a retail Carnival under the whole line. The theme of Raiders released by the big business operators before this year's double eleven is going downwards.

Faced with reporters from the China Times, Beijing Dongfang said that this year, Shuangxi Jingdong will join hands with 600,000 stores. It includes not only Jingdong Home, Jingdong Convenience Store and Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket, but also many innovative stores cooperating with Lenovo, Five Star Electrical Appliances, TCL and other brands. According to the reporter, Jingdong, the chief distributor of real-time distribution, has also become an important battlefield for the double eleven.

In addition to announcing that this year Shuangxi will be linked with joint purchasing, logistics, finance and other industries, Suning also disclosed to media reporters such as the China Times that this year the number of online stores participating in the battle of Shuangxi has reached 10,000. The goal of Suning's smart retail development strategy is to open two Internet stores in the next 3 years.

In addition to Tianmao, Taobao, Word of mouth and other Ali APPs, Boxing Ma Xiansheng, Yintai, Zhenjia, Darunfa and other offline stores also participated in this year's Double Eleventh. Tianmao President Jingjie said in his speech that 200,000 offline stores and 500,000 guided purchases in 400 cities have been digitalized, and they have been included in this year's Double Eleventh Event.

In addition to these electronic business platform, some new emerging electricity providers have also been tested under the water line. In September this year, a short video business was opened in 3 stores in Shanghai. Xiaohong book, temple library and other electricity providers have also opened the flash shop online.

Purchasing power of small towns

Ten years of double eleven, the downward direction of e-commerce is not only to the line, but also to the low line. There is a saying that the young people in the town get the world.

Before the Double Eleventh Movement, e-commerce has been enclosing ground in the low-end market through the mode of empowerment or self-management.

In the above statement, Jingjie said that Ali's low-end markets such as Villa Tao, Retail Tong and Tianmao Xiaodian will participate in this year's "Double Eleventh" and "Third and Fourth-tier" cities and rural areas will be one of the sources of growth this year. Ali retail outlet has announced that it will cover 100 000 stores in 2018. Among the nearly 6,500 new Internet stores in Suning in the past 10 months, the total number of stores in Yishou counties and towns in Suning accounts for 2/3. In addition, there are data showing that Jingdong Home Appliance Stores, which mainly focus on the county market, have opened tens of thousands of stores in the third to sixth-tier markets. Jingdong also announced plans for a million convenience stores.

The rise of social e-commerce, represented by Todo, also highlights the potential purchasing power of the low-line market. WeChat's monthly active users have already exceeded 1 billion. In an interview with a senior executive of an e-commerce company, he told the Chinese Times that a very practical role of pooling is the lowest cost of innovation, in addition to accelerating the low-line and diversification of users.

Behind the electricity supplier's downtrend, Internet traffic is experiencing growth bottlenecks. QuestMobile data show that in 2017, the total number of mobile Internet active devices in China stabilized at more than 1 billion monthly, with an annual growth of only 0.61 billion. With the increasing cost of new products and the disappearance of online traffic dividends, the "34-5" market has become a new battlefield for the fierce competition of e-commerce giants.

Cao Lei, director of China Electronic Commerce Research Center, told the China Times that e-commerce has developed for nearly 20 years. But in the past 20 years, the proportion of online shopping in the total retail sales of social consumer goods has only reached about 15%. E-commerce platform urgently needs to open up new markets.

Hou Enlong, president of Suning Easy-to-buy, also told reporters such as the China Times that the golden decade of purely e-commerce shopping has come to an end. Double-line shopping can no longer meet the personalized needs of consumers, the market has encountered "demand up, flow down" consumption poles.

Demand for cross-border electricity providers burst

Consumer demand is particularly prominent in this year's double eleven.

On November 5th -11 10, the first China International Import fair was held in Shanghai. Major electric providers have launched a global sweep mode. Ali announced plans to import $200 billion in the world in the next 5 years. Suning and Jingdong have announced their purchase orders of 100 billion yuan respectively. In addition, in the Expo, NetEase Koala also announced orders of nearly 20 billion yuan, the monastery announced the amount of scavenging is 100 million dollars.

Consumer demand for imported goods is only a microcosm of the upgrading of consumer demand. In the first three quarters of this year, the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth was 78%, which was 14% higher than that of the same period last year.

Consumption upgrading is one of the important engines of economic growth. The sale of high Maori products is seen as a signal for consumers to upgrade their tables. Before that, many retail businesses have joined the battle of fresh supermarkets under the line.

Hou Yi, founder of Boxed Horse Fresh Life, has previously said that the number of Boxed Horse Fresh Life stores will exceed 100 in 2018. In November 5th, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, also visited the box and Horse Club stores in the location of the Expo. Wang Xiaosong, president of Jingdong 7FRESH, previously announced plans to open 1,000 stores nationwide in the next three to five years. In addition, Yonghui added 19 super species stores in the first half of this year. After the first elephant fresh store opened in Beijing, two more stores opened in Wuxi in July this year.

In fact, whether Pingduo is popular in low-level cities, or the continuing hot sales of high-end instant noodles, or the "sales reverse" of fresh food such as lobster, are different epitomes of the consumption upgrading of different groups. Industry insiders told reporters that consumer upgrading is not simply about price, but about whether the market can meet consumers'demand for quality and services, more about lifestyle changes.

Over the past ten years, double eleven has long been closely related to various industries. Ma Yun said in 2017 that Shuangxi is no longer a sales figure, hoping to promote the progress of all industries in China through Shuangxi. And in the tenth year, what changes will happen to the retail industry in the case of double eleven?

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