Case of illegal financing of silver bean net

Case of illegal financing of silver bean net

Reporter Hu Jinhua reports from Shanghai

With the advent of cold winter, the three major domestic mining machine giants Bi Mainland, Jianan Yunzhi and Yibang International, which once set off the tide of listing in Hong Kong, have shown bad "signs".

On November 5, a reporter from the China Times learned that Yibang International, a mining machine manufacturer in the critical period of listing, was suspected of being involved in the case of illegal fund-raising by Yindou. It was suspended by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange from publicly listing. As a result, Bitterland, which has the largest market share, issued false financing information. Cause Hongkong IPO to get stuck.

"From December 2017 to February 2018, Cui Hongwei, the wife of Li Yonggang, the actual controller of Yindou, transferred 524.9 billion yuan to Yibang International. From March to April 2018, Yibang International transferred 380 million yuan to Cui Hongwei, leaving 144.9 million yuan in unknown funds. In addition, the name of Zhu Xiaolin, a financial officer of Yindou, was found in the record of the change of ownership of Hangzhou Yibang Hongfa Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Yibang International. And Yindou has been filed by Beijing police for illegal fund-raising. How can Yindou be listed in Hong Kong? In November 6th, Li Ping, a victim of investment in a silver bean net, was told to our reporter.

In the view of the industry, the negative impact of the coin circle mining giants and P2P companies can not be underestimated.

Getting rid of the golden shell

There are twists and turns in the mining giant's listing, but everything in the pile has its causes.

"It's not so easy not to make clean finances and clean your butt. We need to not only bring the executives of Yindou to justice, but also let Yibang International spit out the $100 million transferred to compensate investors for their losses. On the same day, another silver bean net activist said to the "China Times" reporter.

The defender disclosed that in July this year, Yindou announced the suspension of operations because it could not cash the principal of investors. Then Beijing police issued a briefing. The CEO and 10 senior executives of Yindou were detained and the case was classified as illegal fund-raising. Many victimized investors began to collect evidence of evidence from the executives of the silver bean network.

"We found that a large amount of money from Yindou has flowed into Ebon International, which is sprinting to list in Hong Kong, and several of them have been transferred through private accounts. When Yibang International had not withdrawn from the new third board, Zhu Xiaolin, an accountant of Yindou, bought one million circulating shares of Yibang Communications in the secondary market, and still holds the above shares. Zhu Xiaolin is just an accountant, how she has the power to invest abroad and become a shareholder of the billion state international. And once Yibang International listing succeeds, her shares can be transferred, fattening herself but pitting investors, Yindou and Yibang International staged a wonderful double reed of capital lending, but these ghost tricks eventually emerged. The aforementioned rights activists pointed out.

On November 7, according to the relevant information, it was found that the investors of Yindou began to defend their rights everywhere since the explosion of the mine. Before the explosion of the mine in July this year, the accumulated amount of money to be repaid by Yindou was 4.33 billion yuan, and 23,464 lenders to be received and lent were waiting. The number and amount of people were astonishing. On October 31, following the arrest and return of Li Yonggang, the real accuser of Yindou. com, Cui Hongwei, the wife of Li Yonggang, another major criminal suspect, was suspected of involvement in the crime, and the police had implemented compulsory measures and pursued him online. In addition, Zhu, an important non-smoking case involved in Yindou. com, had fled abroad before the incident, and the police had passed international penalty. The police issued a red arrest warrant for him, and Zhu was Zhu Xiaolin.

The numerous financial exchanges between the bankrupt Yindou Network and Yibang International have been clear, but in the view of the industry, how much money Yibang International borrowed from external channels to make a false profit has become the focus of attention of HKEx.

According to the data, Yibang International has listed its new third board on August 19, 2015. On February 1, this year, Yibang shares issued a public announcement to be listed abroad, applying for the termination of the listing of shares, and on March 23, the new third board was delisted. In June 25th of this year, Yi Bang international formally submitted the prospectus to HKEx. In its prospectus, the latest 3 annual profits of billion state were 24 million 200 thousand yuan, 11 million 100 thousand yuan and 385 million yuan respectively. From 2015 to 2017, the proportion of block chain business in total income was 31.7%, 42.8% and 94.6% respectively, and the gross interest rate was 54.9%, 47.8% and 53.9% respectively.

It is worth noting that in 2017, billion Bang international revenue surged by 878%.

"Judging from the time point of several funds exchanged between Yindou and Yibang International, it is in the very period of 2017 financial statements audit of Yibang International. After hundreds of millions of money flowed into Yindou International, Yibang International realized a sharp increase of 878% in revenue in 2017. How can we not help doubting this? We believe that Yindou's inflow of funds into Yibang International is to help boost the company's sales revenue and help Yibang International to go public smoothly. Therefore, we submitted an application to the HKEx to dismiss the IPO listing and produce evidence. The aforementioned rights activists said.

In the view of rights defenders, Yindou and Yibang International have frequent financial exchanges at key time points, with a lot of intentions. One is to falsely increase Yibang's international profits in order to be able to go public smoothly and raise huge funds; the other is that Yindou had financial problems at that time, and realized profitability by borrowing foreign investment, thus surviving the business crisis. . However, people's calculation is not as good as natural calculation, such a satisfactory calculation has become a bamboo basket empty because Yindou exploded thunder ahead of time.

Bits of mainland false information are seen

On the one hand, the road of international listing of Yibang has been cut off, and on the other hand, the IPO of the miner's boss, BitContinental, in Hong Kong is not good.

On September 26, BitContinent also submitted a prospectus. In the prospectus, BitContinent completed 400 million B-round financing involving Sequoia China, DST Global, a Russian investment agency, and GIC Private Limited, a Singapore government investment company. The pre-investment company was valued at 12 billion US dollars, but after a month, this weight was increased. The pound message is dug up by foreign media and contains water.

On October 26, according to Coin Desk, the survey found that investors involved in the pre-listing round of BitContinent had received erroneous information suggesting that BitContinent received funding from three well-known institutions, and that BitContinent could face regulatory accountability if it did so. Coin Desk said that the above investors received three publicity versions of financing PPT from Bitland, the first of which was in Chinese and translated into English, and the other two were in English. Among the institutions involved in financing, DST Global and GIC both indicated that they were not listed in the financing PPT issued by Bitland.

"If BitContinent is responsible for the propaganda of false statements, it may face serious consequences and be charged. In Hong Kong, a company that publishes false statements for the purpose of inducing others to reach an agreement may be regarded as fraud or disregard the facts and is liable to the law." Hoi Tok Leung analysis of law firm Ashurst pointed out.

"It used to be thought that the prospects for the listing of the mining giants were bright, but now it seems that in the downturn of the industry, only when the tide recedes can we know who is swimming. But in order to go public, domestic mining machinery institutions spare no effort to publish false information and false profit related transactions. Fortunately, they were found before they went public. If the stock price falls sharply after the listing, it will not hurt a few investors, but a large number of investors. In November 8th, Haitong Securities an industry analyst Sun Jie (a pseudonym) pointed out.

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