Related to Fei Xun, "0 yuan purchase" two platform was filed, but where did the money go?

Related to Fei Xun,

Reporter Kim Beijing reports

Fei Xun "0 yuan purchase" storm another boots landing, China Wanjia was formally placed on file.

On November 6, the Jinjiang Branch Bureau of Chengdu Public Security Bureau issued a briefing on the case. In September, the Jinjiang Branch Bureau put the P2P platform of "Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes" on file for investigation according to law. At present, 11 suspects such as Huang Mou have taken compulsory criminal measures according to law, and the cases are being further investigated.

So far, the two platforms involved in the "0 yuan purchase" storm of Feixin have all been filed. The other one is Lianbi Finance, which exploded in June of this year. The relevant responsible person has already filed the case. However, investors are most concerned about where the money goes.

The secret behind 0 yuan purchase

The purchase activity of Feixun 0 yuan refers to the promotion of Feixun routers, body fat scales and other commodities in e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong or offline stores in a "cash back" mode. The connection of "K code" to financial investment is tantamount to diverting users to Huaxia Wanjia and Lianbi Finance for financial management. Shanghai Fei Xun is a company that produces intelligent terminals such as routers and provides technical services such as cloud storage.

An investor told the Huaxia Times that the price of Shanghai Feixun products purchased for 0 yuan was several times that of similar products in the market. At first, the focus was on the trust of such a large platform as Jingdong. The packaging of Feixun goods sold in Jingdong was accompanied by a two-dimensional "small assistant" paper card, which was scanned. After two-dimensional code, APP of Lianbi Finance and Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes will be downloaded, and the two platforms will be drained through this two-dimensional code.

It is this promotional activity that has a great promotional effect on the products of Fei Xun. On June 20, Feixun's official micro-blog and micro-mail pushed forward a "Feixun 6.18 most complete report card", which said, "Sell 700 million yuan wildly!" Total sales volume has broken 722 thousand. On June 1, June 7 and June 18, Feixun took the first place in the sales of four categories of smart home, digital accessories, smart wear and speakers in Jingdong.

But then comes the thunder of the financial platform. At the end of June this year, Lianbi Finance, one of the four "high return platforms" in the P2P industry, was investigated. More details about the purchase of $0 were disclosed: After consumers purchase the Fiber router, they activate the "K code" on the router in the Lianbi Financial Platform according to the guidelines, which can realize full cash-back, and want to activate the "K code cash-back" of more routers. "We need to buy financial products on the platform. There are two kinds of financial products available on the platform. One is the demand product with an annual interest rate of 6.9%, and the other is the fixed investment with an annual interest rate of 10% - 15%.

It is this full return and high interest financial management mode that attracts a large number of investors, nearly 1 million 900 thousand of the country. According to an investigation circular issued by the Shanghai police, as of the incident, Lianbi Finance had raised more than 70 billion yuan and failed to pay 11.397 billion yuan. According to the previous report, the assets involved in the freezing case are 300 million yuan, which is only a drop in the bucket compared with tens of billion yuan of unpaid funds. At present, the escaped escaping financial legal persons have been escorted back to China.

After the collapse of the financial platform, the cooperation between Huaxia WanFei and Fei Xun also surfaced. The cooperation between the two sides began in September last year, when Fischer's K-code body fat scale landed on Huaxia Golden Clothing Platform. After investors purchase Fischer's K-code hardware products, they can obtain a K-code. After activating the K-code in Huaxia Wanjia APP, the cost of purchasing products will be returned on the APP in stages, and can be withdrawn after a certain period of time (usually about one month). . Relying on the "0 yuan purchase" model, Feixun has become a big seller of Beijing-East routers, which also makes a large number of users come into contact with Wanjia in China. Huaxia Wanjia has also brought many investments.

Following the Lianbi financial incident, Fixin issued its first announcement to clear up its responsibilities, and Huaxia Wanjia immediately announced that it was a compliance company and would stand the test. But then, Wanxia announced restrictions on cash withdrawal channels. In August this year, Wanjia in Huaxia had a negative balance of investors due to system problems, while the platform was difficult to withdraw cash. In response, the platform announcement explained that due to the freezing of user's K-code assets, it is normal for some users to display their available balance as negative assets. After users update the latest version of APP and submit the K-code assets for audit, the account data will return to normal.

On September 26, the overdue Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes released the "Overall Cash Scheme for Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes" through APP, pointing out that in view of the current situation that a large number of borrowers of Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes Platform are overdue, which makes it difficult for lenders to withdraw cash, Huaxia Wanjia Golden Clothes decided to clean up all borrowers'stock assets of the Platform With the help of external channels to resolve debts and ensure the rights and interests of lenders, three payment schemes have been put forward: the non-payment balance converting enterprise equity, the non-payment balance converting e-commerce platform credits, and the joint third-party organization paying by installments.

But only 3 days later, the Chinese family was put on file. According to the circular issued by the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, the filing time of Wanxia family is September 29th. "In fact, there was a problem in July and August, and no case was filed. Why did the case be filed in September and was not notified until November?" This has also caused many investors to question.

The relationship between Cathaysia and Wanjia

According to the data of the enterprises, the Chinese family was founded in October 2014 with a registered capital of 1 billion 660 million yuan. The two largest shareholder Wang Wanping and Lv Junhua are also the main personnel of the company, and Lv Junhua serves as the legal representative. In addition, Huaxia Wanjia (Beijing) financial service outsourcing company was listed in the abnormal operation list in July this year.

The relationship between Lianbi Finance and Shanghai Feixun has been reported for a long time. Our reporter learned that there are some connections between Huaxia Wanjia and Shanghai Feixun. Huaxia Wanjia published the list of overdue enterprises before filing the case at the end of September. Among the legal persons of these enterprises, the executives of Shanghai Feixun and Sichuan Feixun, and some of their names have been published many times. Now.

There are public reports showing that there are some relations between China's Wanjia and Lian Bi finance. On May 26, 2017, there was a shareholding change in Wanjia, Huaxia. Hudi and Zhang Jiumei quit as shareholders of natural persons. Shanghai Baixue Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Baixue") and Shanghai Songya Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Songya") added shares in the name of corporate shareholders. In the East, the two quit at the same time. Shanghai Baixue and Shanghai Songya are shareholders of Shanghai Lianbi Science and Technology, and show that they both subscribe to 16.667 million yuan, each holding 10%. That is to say, there should be a certain correlation between Huaxia Wanjia and Lian Bi finance at the shareholder level.

Shanghai Feixun has previously stated that it will undertake the payment of K-code for the purchase of 0 yuan by consumers, but is not responsible for the funds invested in Lianbi Finance. According to them, "consumption is consumption, investment is investment."

At present, where is the money of Lian Bi financial platform? This is what investors are most concerned about now. They will focus their attention on Shanghai news.

Industry and Commerce Data shows that Li Xuemin, the legal representative of Shanghai Feixun, is the chairman of Shanghai Songjiang State-owned Asset Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Songjiang Guotou). Through two existing shareholders of Shanghai Feixun, Songjiang Guotou holds 7.53% of Shanghai Feixun indirectly. This information is regarded as the top by investors. Hai Fei Xun's "state-owned assets background". However, Shanghai Fei Xun is not state owned, and founder Gu Guoping has been keeping control of the company.

As a result of the introduction on the Lianbi Financial Platform before, all the transaction assets of the Lianbi Financial Platform are guaranteed by the letter issued by Shanghai Feixin, which promises to undertake unlimited joint and several liability guarantees for assets, liabilities and interest under liabilities. It is precisely because of this "Feixun Guarantee with State-owned Background" that investors can be assured to buy, "When Lianbi purchased financial products, there were Feixun Guarantee Letters, and when it purchased products for 0 yuan, it also had the name of Shanghai Feixun Company. Now it is said that all funds have been lost, the Guarantee Letter can not be found, and the capital flow of Lianbi has not been disclosed. Wait. " One investor said.

In the view of investors, at least Shanghai Feixun is related to Lianbi and Huaxia Wanjia. Where the investor's money goes, Feixun can't get away with it. Now Feixun claims that it has nothing to do with Lianbi and Huaxia Wanjia, and that it is more difficult for investors to get back the money without returning the victim's money.

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