Tesla appointed Telstra CFO as chairman, Mr. musk is only CEO in the future.

Tesla appointed Telstra CFO as chairman, Mr. musk is only CEO in the future.

In the afternoon of November 10, Sina Technologies News Beijing time, Tesla appointed Robyn Denholm, Chief Financial Officer of Australian Telecom, as chairman this week. Elon Musk, former chairman, will only serve as CEO in the future.

Dunholm joined the board of directors of Tesla in 2014, and the appointment of the chairman took effect immediately. Within six months, she will resign as Chief Financial Officer and Strategic Officer of Telecom Australia and serve full-time as Chairman of Tesla. "She will also temporarily resign as chairman of Tesla's Board of Auditors until she resigns from Telecom Australia," Tesla said.

Tesla CEO Mask settled securities fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in September. The settlement agreement requires that Musk not be chairman of Tesla in the next three years. Tesla appoints two new independent directors, establishes a new independent board of directors, strengthens the supervision of Musk's speech and pays fines.

In a Twitter message in response to the company's statement, Musk said he "wanted to thank Robin for joining the team. Very respectfully. I look forward to working together.

Dunham has worked in financial management for seven years at Toyota Australia and has been in the strategic, financial and operations departments of Sun Microsystems and Juniper for 20 years. (Zhang Fan)

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