Ma Huateng, 20 years old, on the eve of Tencent

Ma Huateng, 20 years old, on the eve of Tencent

Sina Technology Li Nan

The Internet has made November 11 one of the most special days in China. The online and offline "hand-cutting" carnival is painful and happy.

Leading the trend is Alibaba, the most valuable Chinese Internet company. For another Internet giant, Tencent, this day also has different meanings, especially this year's "Double Eleventh" is the 20th anniversary of its founding.

On the eve of Tencent's birthday, members of Tencent's General Office held a Linktime exchange with employees. Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Board, Liu Chiping, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent, Ren Yuxin and other senior executives, as well as Zhang Zhidong, co-founder and former Chief Technical Officer of Tencent, raised Tencent's business history and strategy. And the future of Tencent.

For Tencent, this year is a turning point. Not long ago, it completed the largest organizational restructuring in the past six years. Tencent previously focused on the C side, after which Tencent focused on the B side. Taking root in consumer Internet and embracing industrial internet, Ma Huateng said that now every industry has begun to transform and upgrade into a high-speed development stage of industrial internet, which is a very good position and opportunity for Tencent.

In the process of convergence of consumer Internet and industrial Internet, Ma Huateng said that Tencent's top priority is to focus on "what we can do and others can't do", as for other partners to achieve, "we should also make the best use of their resources and strength, so that partners can work hard, we provide support. Hold. "

It is noteworthy that Ma Huateng once again emphasized Tencent's corporate vision, hoping to become "the most respected Internet enterprise". On this vision, Ma Huateng further explained the three levels.

The following is a summary of Tencent executives' dialogue staff content. The subtitle is added by Sina Technology:

Tencent hopes to win respect.

Staff: aside from revenue and market value, what kind of company do you want Tencent to become?

Ma Huateng: Tencent's vision is to become the most respected Internet enterprise and improve people's quality of life. If further elaborated, the first is more consistent with the interests of the times and the country; the second is more integrated with all aspects of public life; and the third is to be able to develop with industry partners. Only by embodying the value of Tencent as an Internet platform enterprise at these three levels can we become a respected Internet enterprise.

Industrial Internet is a good opportunity

Staff: how to evaluate the industry development and company performance in the past year?

Ma Huateng: In the past year, we have actually found new opportunities in the challenges. For example, our third organizational restructuring is to see the opportunity for consumer Internet to upgrade to industrial Internet. I find that people in traditional industries especially like to hear the concept of industrial internet, and think that they can finally become the protagonists in the field of internet. Now various industries begin to transform and upgrade, and begin to enter the high-speed development stage of industrial Internet, which is also a very good position and opportunity for Tencent.

Employee: What are Tencent's thoughts on creating value for society and human beings in the process of integration of industrial Internet and consumer Internet?

Ma Huateng: In the process of integration of consumer Internet and industrial Internet, Tencent's priority is to focus on something that we can do and others can't. What other partners can achieve, they should also make the best use of their resources and strength, let the partners work hard, and we provide support.

Like Wechat, we hope to provide a set of basic tools to all industries from the bottom of the small programs, public numbers, payment plus social advertising, cloud, which is our responsibility and obligation in the industrial Internet.

As for data, we had a discussion before the organizational change. Everyone felt that data could not be freely accessed as the outside world said. Social communication and privacy are very relevant. Protecting data is more important than data access. We hope that in the future, no matter when consuming the Internet, industrial Internet, including connection services, how to protect user data reasonably and ensure users'privacy and security is our greatest challenge and our responsibility.

As for basic science, a large number of scientists in China hope to devote themselves to improving the level of scientific research in China. The upgrading of industry, especially the upgrading of the Internet, comes from the breakthrough of basic science. Therefore, to promote the development of the whole industry and industry, the investment of basic science is very important.

A few months ago, I communicated with some scientists and professors, who reflected that there are some drawbacks and pain points in the current technology award mechanism. For example, many awards are a lifetime achievement award, and it is icing on the cake, but no one is doing a good job in the snow. Scientists'salaries and abilities do not match each other. Business companies draw these people away through market-oriented salary mechanism, thus forming a talent vacuum.

So we wonder if we can support young scientists in their exploration of basic research and cutting-edge core technologies. After several discussions and discussions with many top scientists in China, we came to the conclusion that you should have a screen brush this morning. Tencent's 20th anniversary and many scientists launched the "Science Exploration Award". This award is aimed at young scientists and technicians under 45 years of age. It gives them a charcoal-like "talent award". The amount of the award is 600,000 yuan per year for five years, totaling 3 million yuan, and 50 people per year are selected. This award Tencent only pay, who wins the prize is judged by scientists.

Even beyond this award, the Tencent Foundation wants to create a platform to encourage interdisciplinary, cutting-edge young scientists to expand beyond this award. Many young Post-80 scientists said they needed a platform or salon even more. I learned that they have a group of Wechat, gathered a group of post-80s interdisciplinary scientists, some students of biology, some of the brain, some of the computer, some of the materials science, they often do private gatherings, will collide a lot of sparks. Apart from the award, I think this is a very meaningful thing.

In this context, Tencent, as a leading Internet enterprise, has a responsibility, hoping to contribute to the country and industry.

Play addicted to "real"

Staff: what are we trying to explore in the protection of minors?

Ren Yuxin: This is a very good topic. Recently, it has been noticed by many people inside and outside the industry.

In fact, as early as two or three years ago, we realized that not all children in the growth process can very well play entertainment and academic arrangements. Based on this idea, we began to do a lot of things on the ground.

We have several platforms that are not addicted to minors. One of them is the "Growth Guardian Platform", which encourages parents to guard their children's game accounts, control their time and consumption through our platform. At present, millions of parents are using this platform.

Since last year, we have implemented the most stringent anti-addiction measures for teenagers in the history of games. Especially in the last two months, from Glory of the King, every user is required to fill in his real ID card before playing games. We verify all identity card information with the identity card information of the public security system. In addition, we are also trying to introduce face recognition system into anti-addiction system.

In addition, we take the initiative to find that some user behavior is very similar to teenager's game behavior, for example, his playing time is relatively fixed and regular, and more consistent with the break time, we will judge that he may be a teenager's game user. We wonder if he has used his parents or other adult identity information to circumvent authentication. So we will use face recognition to remind users that they must keep the same face as the face on their ID card, otherwise they will be rejected and treated as teenagers. We are constantly improving the reliability of technical verification.

Many of us are asking, is it true that we are really addicted to addiction? Or is it just that we see a lot of negative criticism? On every occasion, I have said that we are sincere. We hope that we can really set an example in the game industry through a series of technical measures. We hope that through effective anti-addiction measures, teenagers can play games healthily and reasonably within a controlled and controlled range.

Embracing young people inside

Staff: how can Tencent create stage and battlefield for young employees?

Liu Chiping: for a company, it is very important to keep the enterprise in a young state. I think young is more than just age and mentality. We also have many experienced people who are very young, highly devoted and passionate. But we want to give young colleagues opportunities to grow up, and we encourage young people to stand up for opportunities.

Now, I will officially announce the "Youth Talent Plan" from the company's representative office. In this plan, we will give 20% of the promotion opportunities to young people, which will be a hard percentage. The second measure, more importantly, is to give opportunities, a company to be young, must have a strong "metabolism" ability, but also on behalf of the continuous flow of personnel. Corresponding to managers, the future depends on how many young people you have identified, trained and promoted, which will be used as a management assessment index.

In terms of incentives, we will set up incentive schemes outside the existing system to motivate young people who have potential and contribute to the company's future.

In the cadre system, we also hope that there must be mobility, so as to have a new position for the rising stars. Our cadre system will be further strengthened, requiring a certain proportion of managerial cadres to retire every year.

Tencent should not turn cadres into lifelong tenure. But in the long run, it will encourage the culture of being able to go up and down. When you have the ability, we will let you go up quickly, but when you are tired to a certain extent, you will come down first, and if you have the right opportunity, you will go up again.

"Young Talents Program" hopes to encourage more and more young people to come forward and say that I can play a more important role in the company, that I can create a faster growth path for myself, and that I can contribute more to the company.

Company growth is beyond expectation.

Staff: what is the difference between today's Tencent and its original ideas?

Zhang Zhidong: Twenty years after its founding, we never thought that there would be so many Q brothers and Q sisters joining Tencent from the "small workshop" of several people. Tencent's original dream is to "live" and hope more people will use our software. Now we have become a very powerful and possible enterprise, which is beyond the imagination at that time. This means that Tencent should take on more things, not just business.

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