"Double eleven" 10th anniversary party Ma Yun did not debut for the first time: Lost happily.

"Double eleven" 10th anniversary party Ma Yun did not debut for the first time: Lost happily.

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Everyone won, only Ma Yun lost.

Wipe the lipstick challenge with goods net red, hand grasping big crab strapping, delivery within a specified time...... After challenging five different jobs in 24 hours, everyone won, only Ma Yun lost, but he "lost happily".

This "performance" appeared on the stage screen as a video program.

After "double eleven" party appeared in 2015, Ma did not appear on the stage for the first time.

This is the tenth anniversary of the "double eleventh" nodality and the last year of Ma Yun's appointment as chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors. In September this year, Ma Yun announced that he would no longer serve as chairman of the board of directors of the Group since September 10, 2019, when Zhang Yong, the current CEO of the Group, would take over.

Ma Yun, who did not appear on the stage this year, is still the most anticipated program, compared to the high-profile microfilm with Wang Fei in the evening party in 2017.

Over the past three years, Ma Yun has always appeared as a finalist at the party, which Alibaba has defined as the "commercial Olympics".

As a leader, Ma Yun will be in the media center with the people present, through rolling transactions to witness another round of buying frenzy.

Ten years ago in 2009, Zhang Yonghe, then CEO of Taobao and now CEO of Alibaba Group, came up with an idea for expanding marketing: to hold a shopping festival on November 11, when Singles Day was in its own right. 50 percent off, the package became a major attraction for consumers at that time. This year, Taobao's GMV2083 billion in the whole year, double 11 contributed 52 million, Taobao achieved the first balance of payments.

In the same year, at Ali's 10th Anniversary Conference, Ma Yun celebrated the harvest with Lady gagaga style, red and black leather jacket, long white hair and wig with "ultra-high Mosi dry head" as decoration.

In July 2010, 11 to 14 months away, Ma Yun adjusted the shopping search rules of C2C Taobao. He ranked the seller's service quality first, and was strongly opposed by some Taobao sellers. But Ma publicly declared that "this is the price we must pay for development." In this year, with the strong development of China's overall online shopping market, sales of Taobao Shuangxi reached 936 million yuan, an increase of 1772% over the same period last year.

In October 30th of this year, Ma issued an open letter to shareholders. In the case of instability in trade and consumption, Ali experienced 3 global setbacks in 19 years. On the eve of Double Eleventh Eve in 2011, Ma Yun and his team encountered only an episode: the whole platform system had technical problems, a large number of merchants may oversold their inventory, 100 pieces of goods correspond to 120 orders, which undoubtedly disrupted the purchase order for those with insufficient inventory. Successor Zhang Yong said that year after year, "more like upgrading." After recovery, after the final technical renovation, the total transaction volume of Taobao eleven and Taobao double 5 billion 200 million yuan. At the annual meeting, Ma Yun wore executives wearing ethnic costumes. Compared with previous years, he had a lot of stability.

At the 2013 annual meeting, Ma Yun wore a silver metal zipper jacket, a pair of large black-framed glasses, a bowler hat and a "Kill Matt" model. In 2013, Taobao's 10th anniversary and double eleven transactions eventually amounted to 35 billion 19 million yuan, which is nearly 3 times that of 2012. However, this figure was broken in 13 hours in 2014.

Ma Yun also dressed up as Snow White at the annual meeting, while Ali's other executives played seven dwarfs. Ma Yun wants to express through these breakthroughs in the conventional form, "creativity" is a major purpose of Ali.

On October 13, 2015, in Xixi Park, Hangzhou, 39 envoys from different countries, on behalf of Ma Yun and Zhang Yong, jointly launched the "2015 Tianmao Shuang11 Global Carnival". "Singles'Day" and "Shopping Festival" have formally become "Global Carnival Shopping Festival" and have a decent Party - Feng Xiaogang as the first director. This year, Tmall double eleven, 1 minutes, 12 seconds, sales broke 1 billion yuan, sales reached 91 billion 217 million yuan on that day.

At Ali's "Double Eleventh" party in 2016, Ma Yun once again came to the fore and performed poker magic live. Hollywood actress Scarlett Johnson was his assistant. This year, sales of 120 billion 700 million yuan, compared to last year, an increase of 32.3%.

As early as 2015, Ma Yun once expressed his thoughts to Feng Xiaogang, then the evening director, "Want to sing a song with Wang Fei on the same stage." This dream finally came true in 2017.

On November 10, 2017, at the end of the evening party in Shanghai, Ma Yun and the actors of Gong Shou Dao made a final appearance, including Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Japanese sumo wrestler Chao Qinglong, and Hollywood star Nick Kidman. He and Wang Fei sang the film's theme song "The Wind is Clear". The combination of "Mafie" became the biggest highlight. This year, the sales of Taobao's double eleven was 168 billion 200 million, an increase of 39.4% over the same period.

On November 11, 2018, Alibaba's 10th "Double Eleven" was zero minutes and 21 seconds, and the trading volume of "Tianmao Double Eleven" was over 1 billion, which was 7 seconds faster than that of 2017. 47 minutes, 26 seconds, breaking 100 billion yuan, 7 hours faster than 2017.

In the video broadcast as a finale program, Ma Yun said, "Everyone wins, only I lose, but it's good. It's not the first time for me. I'm happy to lose."

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