Micro-blog red man "double 11" hot bully screen opening 1 hours Taobao women's top 10

Micro-blog red man

Sina Technologies News Beijing time, November 12, morning news, last year, "Shuang11" day, active in the micro-blog of the Red Man strong robbery mirror, the day four Red Man stores trading volume more than 100 million yuan. With the development of e-commerce, and the integration of new consumption trends, micro-blog also continues to make efforts to improve the ecology of e-commerce.

This year, the popularity of "Shuang11" microblogs continued to boom, with six stores trading more than 100 million yuan, two more than last year. One hour after the opening, Taobao's top 10 women's clothing sales were seized by the Red Man Stores, while the top 30 were 25 Red Man Stores. ASM ANNA ranked the most famous brand store in Korea. The trend of MCN is becoming more and more prominent. The e-commerce organizations with deep cooperation with Weibo almost "include" the top 30 retail stores in Taobao women's wear trading volume.

Micro-blog Reds continue to work hard

Opening 10 minutes and 12 seconds, under the rapid surge in online trading volume, a total of 11 Red Man shops entered the top 30 of the online women's wear industry. Among them, fashion star Zhang Dayieve's "my favorite wardrobe" shop once rushed to the second place in the women's wear industry. It is worth mentioning that Red Man's "Ruhan" opened 2 minutes and 38 seconds, and the turnover of Red Man's stores was over 100 million yuan.

The overall turnover of Red Man Stores has further increased. This year, two Red Man Stores entered the top 10 of the online women's wear industry, and seven Red Man Stores entered the top 30 of the women's wear industry, an increase of 17% over 2017.

Beauty products continued to be hot last year. The beauty Jasmine MOMO's night jasmine suit was sold out after 3 seconds. JUNPING, a makeup red @Junping Devil King brand, has more sales in the opening 80 minutes than last year's "Shuang11" all day, and its total sales have doubled compared with last year's.

In addition to Head Red Man Shop, Xinjin Red Man Shop has also achieved excellent sales, but also shows that the ecological construction of micro-blog Red Man e-commerce is becoming more and more perfect. Fashion celebrity @jill elder sister, this year's trading volume soared 570%, ranked in the top 20 in Taobao women's wear industry.

New products rely on micro-blog to open a new chapter

Getting traffic from micro-blog and other social platforms is an important feature of the Hong Kong people's electricity supplier, which is different from traditional electricity providers. Red Man attracts fans through personalized original content, and interacts with fans through pictures, videos, live broadcasts and other rich forms to make fans identify with their recommended lifestyle and consumption style, thus forming a personalized brand image, and then converting fans into users.

With the rapid development of Redman e-commerce, more and more Redman are not confined to cosmetics and clothing, but relying on their own fans in the micro-blog platform, and combined with the support policy of the micro-blog platform, began to actively expand new categories, such as mother and child, food, home and other industries. In June this year, Eri's "China's Internet Red Economic Development Insight Report" also showed that the public's demand for Internet Red Man in the field of life and consumption is growing, mainly in the areas of mother and child, home, food and other fields.

Sydney Cherie, with 6.24 million followers on Weibo, is constantly expanding its frontiers in clothing stores, jewelry stores, mother and child stores, living halls (insulation cups, bed linen covers, slippers, etc.); Zhang Dayieve, with 9.3 million followers, has expanded its new categories in clothing stores, cosmetics stores, underwear stores and home stores; and 14.57 million followers. Li Zi Qi goes to the food industry, and its gourmet stores are more popular.

Ramming micro-blog's influence on E-commerce

The 42nd Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China by China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) points out that social media represented by micro-blog has become the necessary platform for most Internet celebrities by virtue of its fission mode of communication and the ability of fan precipitation.

Micro-blog's influence is also increasingly prominent. Up to now, micro-blog has more than 50 thousand active business people, and the total number of fans has reached 588 million. Micro-blog e-commerce tools also bring better conversion effect. The number of users of micro-blog windows has increased to 432,000, and the conversion rate of orders through micro-blog windows has also increased by 3.2 times compared with the conversion rate of direct release of commodity links.

It is worth mentioning that more and more popular accounts choose to grow in micro-blogging. Although many network platforms can incubate popular people, based on the unique fan relationship and social distribution mechanism of micro-blogging, it provides the greatest convenience and liquidity for the accumulation and in-depth operation of commercial red account fans.

In September this year, Weibo officially announced the strategy of upgrading e-commerce celebrity, helping celebrities to enhance exposure, promoting the relationship between accounts and users, while focusing on building a shopping guide business ecosystem, further promoting the development of e-commerce ecology.

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