The Chinese Air Force announces three steps to build a strong and modern air force roadmap.

The Chinese Air Force announces three steps to build a strong and modern air force roadmap.

Original title: China Air Force announces the construction of a powerful modern air force Roadmap

China News Agency, Zhuhai, November 11 (CNP) "Journalists'Meeting to Celebrate the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Air Force" was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province on November 11, at which the Air Force of China announced the road map for building a strong modern air force.

Lieutenant General Xu Anxiang, deputy commander of the Chinese Air Force, said that the modernization of the Chinese Air Force was designed and carried out in accordance with the three-step strategy and in line with the general objectives of national defense and army building.

The first step is to basically step into the threshold of the strategic air force by 2020, initially build a strategic air force structure of "air-space integration, attack and defense" and build a weapon equipment system with four generations of equipment as the backbone and three generations of equipment as the main body, so as to continuously enhance the operational capability of the system based on information system.

Secondly, on the basis of realizing the target tasks of 2020, we should further build a new air force military force system and promote the dramatic improvement of the strategic capability of the air force; in a period of time, we should fully realize the modernization of the air force's military theory, organizational form, military personnel and weapons and equipment, and basically complete the strategic transformation of the air force by 2035. In the year of 2000, we initially built a modern strategic air force with a higher level of strategic capability.

The third step is to build a world-class strategic air force in an all-round way by the middle of this century, which will become a powerful space force capable of supporting the status of a major power and national rejuvenation.

According to Wang Zhonghua, Director-General of the Integrated Planning Bureau of the Air Force Equipment Department, at the China Air Show on the same day, during the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, the Air Force has undergone a second pioneering undertaking, and has made historic achievements in equipment construction and made historic changes. The current stage characteristics of air force weaponry development and construction can be summarized as two cross generation and two qualitative changes.

Two cross-generations, i.e. the main battle equipment cross-generations, the system construction based on network information system cross-generations, the core capabilities of air attack, air defense and anti-missile, strategic early warning, air delivery, airborne operations and so on have been continuously improved, and the operational capabilities of sea and plateau have been further strengthened.

Regarding the two qualitative changes, Wang Zhonghua said that one is the qualitative changes that have taken place and are taking place. The Air Force has undergone a period of accumulation of quantitative changes, and its strategic capabilities, system operational capabilities and joint operational capabilities have been significantly enhanced. The equipment system structure with three and four generations of equipment as the backbone and light and heavy collocation has basically been formed. Another is to breed new qualitative changes, build a new air force, and build a future-oriented space force system. He said that the development and progress of the air force is a comprehensive and systematic progress. First, a high starting point, a systematic construction, and a full chain effort. To cope with the threat of space and space, to comply with profound changes in the military field, and to accelerate the transformation of the air force from aerospace to aerospace. The two is to optimize the structure and change the cage for birds. Efforts should be made to update and optimize the quality structure, attack and defense structure and space structure. The three is innovation driven and new driving force. We will vigorously promote concept innovation, technological innovation, integrated innovation and system innovation. Four is systematic planning and sustainable development. In accordance with the requirements of "Exploration Generation, Pre-research Generation, Development Generation and Equipment Generation", we will continue to promote equipment construction. The five is civil military integration and win-win development. We should build new layout, enrich new connotation, promote the market through the battlefield, and strengthen the battlefield through the market.

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