Alipay double 11 data: fingerprint, brush face payment of consumers reached 60%

Alipay double 11 data: fingerprint, brush face payment of consumers reached 60%

Beijing News (reporter Chen Peng) following Alibaba announced that "Tmall double 11" turnover amounted to 213 billion 500 million yuan, Alipay also released data on the 12 day, 11 days, the consumer through the fingerprint, brush face to complete the proportion of 60.3%. Equivalent to 6 of every 10 payments is done by means of biometrics, such as fingerprints and face recognition.

"Fingerprint recognition" began to apply in a couple of years ago. Data show that Alipay in June 2014 and mobile phone manufacturers to explore the feasibility of fingerprint payment, and in the next year for double 11. According to statistics, it takes an average of 3 seconds to enter a 6-bit password, while it takes only 1 second for fingerprint payment, which greatly reduces the payment time. In 2015, when Ma demonstrated his brush payment at the Hannover Expo, Alipay introduced face recognition technology in login, wind control and other links.

"Double 11 a year is not only a feast for consumption, but also a training ground for technology." Hu Xi, deputy CTO of Ant Golden Garment, said that distributed database, intelligent wind control, block chain, biometrics, etc. originated from the technical ability of Shuang11 support. They are not only serving Shuang11, but also 100% open to the outside world with other core technologies independently developed by Ant Golden Garment. They are increasingly becoming the promotion of finance, retail and travel. Government, medical and other industries intelligent upgrading infrastructure.

In addition, according to the data disclosed by Ant Golden Clothes, 3.43 million businesses in Shuang11 this year received 20.2 billion yuan of financial support from online commercial banks, the amount of loans increased by 37.4% compared with the same period last year, and the cumulative investment of 30 million subsidies by online commercial banks helped to reduce the financing costs of businesses.

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