Double eleven battle report: second-hand mobile phone, book trading volume hit a new high.

Double eleven battle report: second-hand mobile phone, book trading volume hit a new high.

China Securities Network News (Reporter Dong Tian) this year, the second-hand e-commerce companies that turn to lead also officially joined the Shuang11 War. On that day, the order volume of the turnaround platform increased by 267% year on year.

From the core business, mobile phones, second-hand books and so on have all reached a record high. At 0:28:2 on November 11, the transfer platform has helped 1000 users sell their mobile phones. At 8:16 in the morning, only the iPhone X has already traded 1000 units on the platform. The second-hand book business is also playing a leading role. By 10:35 a.m., the transfer platform sold more than 40,000 second-hand books.

From the regional point of view, the economically developed first-and second-tier cities are still the hot areas of second-hand transactions. The transactions mainly focus on second-hand mobile phones, clothing, shoes and hats, second-hand books, home furniture and so on.

According to the data of transfer platform, during the "second-hand 11.11" activity, the top three categories of transfer users'transaction volume are second-hand books, second-hand mobile phones and clothing, shoes and hats. The most popular brands of Top3 mobile phones are Apple, Millet and Huawei, while the platform's most popular Top5 models are almost dominated by Apple, namely, the iPhone X, the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 6s.

With the development of the new Internet economy, the secondhand trading industry is gradually opening up. According to the latest survey report issued by Zhuan Lianhe, more than 95% of users will use secondhand trading in the future. In the era of e-commerce, Shuang11, which is close to the carnival of the whole people, is already a reflection of the consumer behavior and preferences of the masses. From the "second-hand 11.11" report card, we can see that the trend of mass consumption is changing. Rational consumption is on the rise. More and more people are willing to try second-hand transactions.

Huang Wei, CEO of Shift, said that while Shift is trying to educate users to understand and get used to second-hand transactions, it has also been focusing on the supply side, insisting on providing users with standardized services for second-hand goods transactions, in order to improve transaction efficiency and optimize trading experience. For example, the platform pioneered in the second-hand mobile phone business to create mobile phone quality assurance service, layout the largest second-hand mobile phone quality inspection center in the country, strengthen the training of quality inspection engineers to enhance professional skills; this year, it turned to second-hand books, opened C2B2C model, and established a professional second-hand book sorting center, in order to control the second-hand books. The quality of hand books.

The second-hand market is a market with unlimited potential of hundreds of billions of dollars. Today, although the second-hand market is still small compared with new products, the trend brought about by transaction data and consumer behavior has been obvious. Therefore, unlike the previous year's "reverse double 11", this year's turn led the second-hand e-commerce to join the "double 11" war, directly and the first-hand new e-commerce division.

Huang Wei believes that the online conversion rate of second-hand e-commerce will be higher than that of new e-commerce, and the degree of concentration will be higher. Therefore, the market value of the second-hand electricity supplier will reach 10%-20% of the total electricity supplier. In the future, the number of users, monthly and daily activities of large companies or products in the field of second-hand e-commerce will exceed that of first-hand new e-commerce.

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