Apple loses its first position, double 11 Internet, small brands no longer noisy.

Apple loses its first position, double 11 Internet, small brands no longer noisy.

Apple loses its first position, double 11 Internet, small brands no longer noisy.

Li Na

As the last "online war" in the mobile phone industry in 2018, Shuang11's arena has already been filled with smoke. In the first few minutes, the battle report data from various mobile phone manufacturers have already exploded the circle of friends.

On the second day after the double 11 section, according to the data released by various countries, the sales volume of Tianmao Platform and Jingdong Platform surpassed that of Apple. Millet is blooming on the eco chain products, and Samsung mobile dual 11 sales have not entered the top ten.

For more Internet mobile phone manufacturers, Shuang11 seems to be more like a "watch busy" game. The market space under oligarchy division is getting smaller and smaller. Online marketing festivals can stimulate sales, but they can not be saved.

"The electricity business Festival can be said to be the last piece of fig leaf on the Internet mobile phone brand." Li Rui, CEO of Novi Consulting, told First Financial Journalist that from the trend of TOP10 brand share in online market in recent five months, Glory and Millet occupied the first and second place in online market with more than 20% share respectively, while most online brands'share hovered in the market below 5%.

With the blowout of smartphone sales in China, a lot of new mobile phone manufacturers began to pour into this industry three or five years ago. Besides 360 and hammer phones, Nubian, which was born out of traditional manufacturer ZTE mobile phones, and one-plus mobile phones with OPPO gene, even candy and Lexus manufacturers have been in this industry. Known as the unique internet gene, the new players are full of momentum.

However, from this year's main battlefield of Shuang11 e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong and Tianmao, no matter the battle of marketing or the number of products, the head enterprises hardly give any chance to other competitors. Open the home page of Shuang11 mobile phone in Jingdong, and the products of Glory and Millet are almost "hegemony screen", followed by Huawei, vivo, OPPO and so on. However, there are only a few Internet mobile phone manufacturers, such as Jia Jia, 360, hammer and so on.

In the case of apparently weak sales, is Shuang11 the last chance or the end of the uproar for Internet mobile phone manufacturers? Judging from the current development of the industry, it is not optimistic. Reporter search found that most small and medium Internet brand's first day performance bulletin was stuck in last year.

"There is no Internet model like that in previous years. There is no special value in marketing. At present, e-commerce is only an important sales channel." Li Rui told reporters that although the two online promotional festivals can stimulate the sales of small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers, they can not rely on this single channel for self-rescue, their way out in the new retail, new retail needs multiple brands to innovate and differentiate from the traditional monopoly channels of large brands.

Li Rui believes that, with the increasingly fierce market competition, it is difficult to attract consumers'attention in this tragic market in the future, and blindly pursuing price war and marketing war is short-sighted behavior.

"Online elders and elders fight, the most injured is the third, the current share of online e-commerce is basically divided by glory and millet." Li Rui told reporters that even apple is under the risk of stall.

In the past, because of Apple's high unit price, it has been holding the top position of mobile phone sales in e-commerce promotion, especially in the Internet mobile phone market where the price is more fierce. It is almost impossible for domestic mobile phones to challenge Apple from the high-end price segment. But last year, the sales of Glory Platform in Jingdong and Tianmao reached 4.02 billion yuan, of which the sales volume and sales results in Jingdong exceeded those of Apple. This year, according to Glory's double 11 record, Glory's sales and sales volume surpassed Apple's on both Tianmao and Jingdong platforms.

"Competition among mobile phone giants is also intensifying, the first round of small and medium-sized brand manufacturers shuffle ended, the head brand shuffle officially began." Li Rui believes that the space released by oligarchs is considerable, and Apple is losing its edge in China.

Li Rui told reporters that Apple's lack of innovation in the past two years has also given other mobile phone giants a certain opportunity, 5G and AI will become the next double 11 point of view while leading Chinese manufacturers into the growth channel.

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