Original title: British major general will face crisis? The British army fully recruited the British Commonwealth "Foreign Legion".

Reference News Network reported on Nov. 13 that following the discussion of German recruitment to EU countries in August this year, Britain, which has suffered from a long-standing military shortage crisis, announced in early November that it would relax its restrictions again and expand its recruitment to the Commonwealth - even if citizens of member countries had never set foot in the UK, they could apply for membership. However, the British military's plan to recruit foreign soldiers was swept by the deadlock in the European negotiations and the wave of anti-immigration, which also raised questions about whether foreign soldiers would use it as a "immigration springboard".

According to Taiwan Union News Network on November 9, British Armed Minister Lancaster (Conservative Party) said on November 5 that foreign forces are not new to Britain. In the past, such as East India Company's "West Ipa Force" in India, the British Battle in World War II, soldiers from Poland, New Zealand and other places fighting for Britain, and Nepal's "Gurka Force", which is still active in serving the British army and famous for its bravery and good fighting, are important foreign military manpower of the British army.

Reported that the British army since 1962 to implement a comprehensive recruitment system, according to the military website "global firepower", there are about 190,000 active servicemen, reserve about 80,000 people, the military manpower ranking in the world is not very high. In recent years, with the Middle East battlefield, global anti-terrorism operations and other military operations, Britain, like other European NATO countries, has been under the pressure of insufficient forces.

According to a report released by the National Audit Office (NAO) in April this year, the total shortage of 8,200 full-time British soldiers as of January this year is the most serious shortage since 2010, especially for military engineers, pilots and intelligence analysts. The report points out that the Royal Air Force (RAF) has carried out more missions in the past two years than in the past 25 years; from 2016 to 2017, the British Army has also participated in more than 25 military operations worldwide - turbulent Middle East war situation, frequent military activities, which may be the cause of the shortage of military manpower and the decline of national willingness to join the army. Because of.

According to the Commonwealth Recruitment Plan launched by the British Ministry of Defense, citizens of India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Kenya and other member countries will no longer be subject to the previous five-year residence restrictions, even if they have never set foot on the British mainland in their lifetime, they will be eligible to apply to join the British Army as long as they are 18 years old.

With the exception of Commonwealth citizens, applications from other countries will not be accepted, with the exception of Ireland and Nepal's Gurkha forces. However, at a time of stalemate in the negotiations on the break-away from Europe and the global anti-immigration wave, the British army's plan to recruit troops to the Commonwealth once again aroused doubts as to whether relaxing the opening of "foreigners" to serve in Britain would become a springboard for foreign soldiers to gain British citizenship.

According to the current relevant provisions, if British Commonwealth soldiers join the British Army want to acquire British citizenship through naturalization, they must still comply with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of the Interior, such as residence in the United Kingdom for at least five years, and apply according to law, but the period of service can also be included in the calculation of residence period.

At present, there are about 4,500 British soldiers from the Commonwealth. By relaxing the restrictions, the military hopes to increase its military manpower from the Commonwealth to 1,350 annually to fill the gap. Matthew, a retired Saint Lucian soldier from the Royal Dragon Cavalry Guard, was optimistic that the British army would once again lift its ban on conscription in the Commonwealth, giving volunteers from Caribbean countries a chance and a new way out.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the British Air Force and Navy have started recruitment at the same time as the announcement of the plan, while the Army will not officially open applications until next year.

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