Direct attack on the board of directors of the IPO pre adjustment subsidiary of China.

Direct attack on the board of directors of the IPO pre adjustment subsidiary of China.

Sina Technologies News reported on the morning of November 13 that several directors of the mining machinery company, which will be listed in Hong Kong, withdrew from the mainland recently. According to Sina Technology, a securities authority close to the mainland, the report is misread. In addition, the main body of BitContinent to be listed is BitContinental Technology Holdings Limited, while the main body of the board of directors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BitContinent.

Industry and commerce information shows that on November 7 this year, the board of directors of Beijing BitContinental Technology Co., Ltd. made personnel adjustments. Zhao Zhaofeng, Ge Yuesheng and Zhou Feng, former directors, withdrew from the board of directors, and Hu Yishu, former supervisor, withdrew from the board of supervisors. After the personnel adjustment, the main board of directors is composed of two members, the Jack League as executive director and manager, and the Wu Jihan as supervisor.

According to Sina Technologies, companies preparing for IPO usually set up new boards of directors meeting the requirements of listing laws and regulations at the main level of planned listed companies, and simplify the structure of directors of wholly owned subsidiaries to facilitate management. The adjustment of the bit mainland is only a simplification of the structure of its wholly owned subsidiary.

On September 26 this year, BitContinent, with BitContinental Technology Holdings Limited as its main body, formally submitted its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and formally launched the plan of listing on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the prospectus, Jack Tuan and Wu Jihan are the co-chairmen and co-CEO of the board of directors of the company. They also serve as executive directors with Ge Yuesheng and Liu Luyao. Wang Xiaochuan, Sun Hanhui and Deng Feng served as independent non-executive directors of the board of directors.

Before the deadline, there was no announcement of new listing progress. (Zhou Feng)

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