About 12 vehicles in the city's CI car intelligent hardware system can be a key alarm

About 12 vehicles in the city's CI car intelligent hardware system can be a key alarm

Sina Technologies News on November 13 evening news, the first automobile about car recently announced in Guangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Wuhan and other 12 cities to launch CI vehicle intelligent hardware system. At the same time, CI vehicle intelligent hardware system has been upgraded and iterated on the basis of the original, adding functions such as alcohol detection, one-button alarm and so on.

In April this year, SAIC launched CI on-board intelligent hardware system and tested it in Dalian, Chengdu, Xiamen and other cities. The system realizes "intelligent driving assistance, intelligent driving safety monitoring, intelligent driving safety assistance, AI voice interaction, intelligent interactive entertainment, intelligent travel management, intelligent backstage management" and so on. Seven major functions.

Recently, SAIC has upgraded the intelligent hardware system of CI vehicle and added many new functions, such as alcohol detection. The terminal can monitor the alcohol concentration in the vehicle in real time. When the alcohol content exceeds the limit, the driver's behavior will be recorded. This function will avoid the driver's drunk driving. Health; One-button alarm, the terminal has one-button alarm function. After the driver clicks the entity alarm button, he can report the alarm information with one-button, and at the same time, he can report the location, the front and rear cameras taking pictures, recording and other information. The terminal alarm, the terminal can report the alarm data of collision, rollover, vehicle battery voltage too low, and so on. Safety during driving.

In addition, there are high-precision positioning, voice broadcasting, electronic fence, alarm data, monitoring screen and other functions.

Nowadays, there are still many difficulties in the safety supervision of online car appointment. In addition to improving the access threshold of drivers and vehicles and strengthening the examination and supervision of drivers entering the online car appointment industry, FAW has begun to try to use the new technology to deal with the industry problems. (Zhang Jun)

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