In recent years, influenced by the vigorous development of the Internet, especially mobile interconnection, the self-Media represented by Wechat Public Number has mushroomed like mushrooms. While providing knowledge and information sources to the public, the negative effects of chaos have also aroused more and more doubts.

In late October, a long report entitled "Real Estate Extortion from the Media: Ten Millions Annually with Public Names" revealed in detail how some self-media, under the banner of safeguarding the rights of fans, made a living by extorting enterprises. Subsequently, the People's Network issued four criticisms of self-Media disorder, using the words "no bottom line" and "profit-seeking" to describe the criticism of the current self-Media disorder.

Regulators also began to play. On the evening of November 12, the National Netcom Office announced a series of recent actions to clean up and rectify the chaotic phenomenon of self-Media accounts: the whole network disposed of more than 9,800 self-Media accounts, interviewed Tencent Weixin, Sina Weibo and other self-Media platforms, and neglected their main responsibilities, neglected management and laissez-faire. All kinds of chaos caused by growth cause serious warning.

From "novelty hunting", "abnormal knowledge", "headline party" and other means to attract attention, to selling anxiety, instigating desire, catering to vulgarity and other human weaknesses, to the search for negative information "paid to ignore" illegal profits, the growing self-Media chaos really needs to be vigorously rectified. However, it is difficult to solve this problem fundamentally by blocking or strictly checking the self-Media platform, because blocked accounts can be reopened or even purchased on some network trading platforms. Because of the huge number of accounts, it is difficult for managers of self-Media platforms such as Weixin and Weibo to identify one by one.

If we want to control the chaos of the media, we need to know enough about this ecosystem. The reason why we can breed chaos through several articles is that the self-Media is also "media", or has the attributes and functions of the media. However, China's news media have to undergo strict approval and have competent authorities to operate, and since the media allows some individuals and institutions to open a platform without any approval formalities. Publishing information on this platform, well-functioning can obtain a considerable number of audiences, which is completely equivalent to a news. The operation mode of media.

At a time when the self-Media is more and more similar to the traditional news media, some bad news media have been transplanted to the self-Media platform one after another by all means to make profits, publishing soft-text news and engaging in paid news, and in the name of supervision by public opinion, engaging in paid news and even news blackmail. Some "big names" have accumulated considerable status in the circles of real estate, automobiles, food, etc. They have the capital to engage in paid news and extortion. A well-known car manufacturer's public relations department even said that the number of self tracking media accounts was as many as several hundred. And since these media lack the daily supervision like the general media, the problem is even more serious.

Paid news or paid no news is a "public nuisance" in the news media. Some unscrupulous self-Media have succeeded repeatedly, mainly by taking advantage of the enterprise's peace of mind and exploring the information asymmetry between enterprises and end-users. The consequences will not only be bitter for enterprises but also for consumers.

Therefore, in the face of self-Media chaos, we should legislate and establish a long-term mechanism to strictly regulate the main body of self-media. We should not only shut down the bad self-Media number, but also punish the self-Media people who violate the criminal law. Several years ago, a well-known financial website blackmailed a liquor listed company, which caused a sensation in the industry. The regulatory authorities not only shut down the website, but also imposed legal sanctions on the main responsible person.

Of course, we can not simply regard the mess of the media as media issues. In fact, this is a microcosm of the impetuous, utilitarian and lack of regulation of the whole society. It is similar to Baidu's bidding ranking, but in essence it is a social problem. At this time, the relevant government functional departments need to further improve the refinement and precision level of network management, and truly achieve "good treatment, good use and good management" of the network. Let the advantages of Internet convenience and benefit continue to enlarge, while further reducing its negative impact.

As a new form of business, self-Media is similar to the previous Internet finance. When the chaos appears gradually, the regulators need to think about how to solve it fundamentally.

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