US media: the US China intelligence bureau has tried to study "truth serum" to control prisoners' spirit.

US media: the US China intelligence bureau has tried to study

Original title: CIA wanted to use "truth serum" drugs to insure public opinion that doctors had become accomplices.

According to a newly declassified report, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is trying to develop a drug called "truth serum" to interrogate arrested terrorists so as to make the process of interrogating terrorists less cruel, Global Times special correspondent Liu Xin reported on the 14th. Although the plan was eventually abandoned, its publicity still caused widespread controversy. Some even accused doctors of becoming CIA's accomplices.

The report, written by an unknown chief medical officer of the CIA, details the basic situation of the "truth serum". It says that after September 11, the CIA captured a large number of suspected terrorists and interrogated them by extremely cruel means, including sleep deprivation, small space imprisonment and waterboarding. Later, the CIA tried to develop "truth serum" to control the spirit of prisoners by injecting drugs, which was considered "less cruel". But the report concluded that even if the drug was injected, the interrogator might still be stubborn. Moreover, this practice has "legal obstacles", so the project was finally suspended in 2003. As soon as the report came out, American public opinion was uproarious. People not only accused the CIA of interrogation, but also accused doctors who should have saved people of being "accomplices to murder".

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