Israel and Hamas have been fighting hard for two days and nights.

Israel and Hamas have been fighting hard for two days and nights.

Recently, the fiercest fighting between Hamas and Israel broke out since 2014. In two days, the two sides refused to give in to each other and wished to levelize the territory of the other side. The war was almost imminent. However, on Tuesday, Hamas and other armed groups in Gaza suddenly announced that they had accepted a ceasefire mediated by Egypt to end the fighting.

The clash between Israel and Hamas stemmed from a secret mission carried out by an Israeli special forces in Gaza on Sunday, killing seven Hamas people, including two commanders. Hamas then launched a retaliatory attack. Israel did not give in and the conflict escalated rapidly. Gaza Strip and southern Israel are almost paralyzed under fierce attacks from both sides.

Although the unexpected ceasefire agreement eased tensions in the region, it did not solve deeper problems, such as the blockade of Gaza by Israel and the huge Hamas arsenal. It is these problems that have led to the ongoing violent conflicts between the two sides and eased the tension in the region by the international community. Zhang's efforts have come to nothing.

Originally, Israel has recently allowed Qatar to provide financial assistance to cash-strapped Hamas authorities, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that he wants to avoid war. On the other hand, the Hamas side has also reduced the massive border protests that often cause bloodshed.

It is not clear whether the United Nations and Egypt will continue to lead to a broader ceasefire agreement.

It is reported that the terms of the cease-fire agreement are mild. A spokesman for Islamic Jihad, one of the parties involved in the fighting, said that it was a common commitment to a ceasefire, which would be exchanged for a ceasefire by each side.

After the announcement of the cease-fire, celebrations were held in Gaza City, and Hamas supporters declared victory. On the ruins of Hamas TV, destroyed by Israeli air strikes, people marched and shouted the names of Hamas military factions. The shops reopened and the streets were crowded with cars, though the Israeli drone was still circling overhead.

Hamas official Ismail Radwan said Hamas promised a cease-fire, but warned that if Israel violated the agreement, "we can open fire at any time".

In Israel, officials did not comment on the ceasefire, but in the town of Sderot, which was destroyed by Hamas rockets, dozens of demonstrators chanted "shame!" In their view, a cease-fire means that the Israeli government surrenders to armed violence. Even so, after nightfall, Hamas rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes have stopped.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly convened a security cabinet meeting to discuss escalating tensions in Gaza, which lasted seven hours. Shortly after the meeting, Hamas issued a cease-fire statement.

The Israeli cabinet said it had ordered the army to continue to act if necessary. According to Israeli television, there were serious differences among the participants, and several hardline cabinet members were said to be opposed to the ceasefire agreement.

"We are grateful for Egypt's mediation," Palestinian Ambassador Mansour told reporters at United Nations Headquarters.

UN diplomats say the UN Security Council plans to hold closed meetings at the request of Kuwait and Bolivia to discuss the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Hamas, the full name of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, took over actual control of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian National Authority in 2007. Since then, Israel has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip, restricting the movement of people and goods to curb Hamas. The continuation of the stalemate has led to a vicious circle of violent conflicts between the two sides. At present, this situation is hard to be fundamentally broken.

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