Investment and financial fraud, part-time brushes couplet card into a new fraud tool

Investment and financial fraud, part-time brushes couplet card into a new fraud tool

According to Xinhua News Agency, as the real-name system of mobile phone cards becomes more and more stringent, telecom network fraud gangs have found a new fraud tool - UnionPay. Recently, many police have destroyed a number of telecommunications network fraud dens, and found a large number of IOT cards.

UnionPay is issued by Unicom, Telecom and Mobile, and it has the functions of Internet access and short message sending as common mobile card. Xinhua Perspective reporter found that the original UnionPay cards issued for enterprises can be easily bought online. UnionPay cards can bypass the real-name system of mobile phones. Some businesses even use "no real-name certification" as a selling point to provide opportunities for fraudsters.

Investing in financial fraud, part-time money laundering, money laundering, etc.

At the end of July this year, Ms. Liu, a Quanzhou citizen, received an e-mail in the name of "Director of Human Resources of the Provincial Company", which said that the company had established a QQ group for financial work and asked her to join the group.

After joining the group, she found that the name of the group was the real name of the company's senior management. Subsequently, the company "general manager" sent messages in the group to let Ms. Liu contact customers. "Yan general" requires the refund of the advance payment on the grounds that the contract is not valid. Another senior executive of the company provided a screenshot of Yan Zong's advance payment and asked Ms. Liu to return the advance payment. Ms. Liu transferred 488,000 yuan from the company's account to the designated account of Yan Zong according to the instructions.

After that, she was found guilty of being deceived. Quanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau investigators told reporters that the investigation found that fraudsters used UnionPay Card to commit online crimes, unable to inquire about the ownership of telecommunications operators and cardholders.

Chen Zongqing, head of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau, told reporters that since last year, relevant departments have strengthened the control of the real-name system of mobile phone cards and made special strikes against the sale of mobile phone cards online. In this case, the fraudsters found a new crime tool - the couplet card.

Reporters interviewed and learned in many local public security organs, in the current many investment and financial fraud, network loans, part-time billing, money laundering and transfer related to cybercrime, criminal gangs use a large number of union cards.

"Couplet card" has become the "standard" of some fraudulent gangs. Quanzhou anti-fraud center police Su Fuchuan told reporters that since this year, public security organs have destroyed a number of telecommunications network fraud nests, have seized a large number of UnionPay cards.

Reporters unannounced visits: online purchase at random, to avoid real name system difficult to track

According to industry insiders, IUCA is mainly used for data transmission and connection management of the Internet of Things, and is mostly used in shared bicycle, mobile payment, smart home, logistics and other industries. From the sales channels of the three major telecommunication operators, UnionPay only sells in batches for enterprises, not for individual users.

Under normal circumstances, the use of the IOT card must first install chip modules or equipment and have a development operation platform, with the need for the application of the Internet of Things, in order to open the IOT in batches. But the reporter found that individuals can buy UnionPay cards through Wechat, Taobao, QQ and other channels, and express delivery after online payment.

Reporters through QQ and Wechat Public Number Search "Union of Things Card", found that at least hundreds of businesses are peddling Union of Things Card, many businesses even "do not need real-name certification" as a "selling point" to publicize sales, the target is basically individual users. Reporters contacted some businessmen to "negotiate" the purchase, the other side said that the sale of the UnionPay card has registered the real name, no longer need to authenticate the identity of the buyer, a monthly recharge of 30 yuan can enjoy 40G national traffic.

When a reporter and a seller chatted privately, he also recommended to reporters three major operators a number of Internet of Things traffic packages, such as the national traffic card 10 yuan package 10 G per month, 49 yuan package 150 G per month flow, and said to reporters: "You can use them yourself, you can also sell these cards on behalf of the agent, extract them."

Quanzhou Anti-Fraud Center warned reporters that enterprises can buy cards in batches after registering their names with operators. Some intelligent equipment and logistics enterprises need tens of thousands or even millions of UnionPay cards a year. In fact, some of these cards are not all used by registered enterprises, and some of them flow into the "grey market" through layers of resale, which leads to the proliferation of online cards, and the real name system is nothing.

The rapid development of the IOT card market has obviously lagged behind.

The police in many places have pointed out that at present, the market of UnionPay Card is developing rapidly, but its control lags behind obviously, which gives the fraudsters a chance to take advantage of and also brings great risks to the network security.

"UnionPay cards seized by fraudulent gangs are unable to obtain relevant traffic information, including the ownership of UnionPay cards number, issuing companies, card owner information, real-name registration information and so on." Su Fuchuan told reporters that because UnionPay Card is usually registered with a company name in the operator, after layers of reselling, it is impossible to query the actual user's information.

In addition, the couplet card is unable to stop and speed limit. Reporters interviewed in Fujian have learned that local public security and operators have established a collaborative mechanism to set up screening models for fraudulent mobile phone numbers in their jurisdictions, which can effectively identify fraudulent phones with large volume of calls, and take blocking measures for suspected fraudulent mobile phone numbers, but for UnionCard, it is impossible to determine its ownership. There is a great difficulty in stopping and limiting speed.

Industry insiders believe that UnionPay has a broad application prospects and safety management should keep pace with the rapid development of the market. In the current situation that UnionPay has a large number of personal users, the real-name system of UnionPay should be implemented just like the real-name system of mobile phone card. In addition, UnionPay cards are actually more personal network cards. Operators should strengthen technical control, establish a rapid cooperation mechanism with public security organs, and form a synergy of control and control.

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