Direct attack on the launch of LBS advertising service and cooperation with LV

Direct attack on the launch of LBS advertising service and cooperation with LV

Sina Technologies News Nov. 15 afternoon news, Mobay bicycle announced today that it officially launched "LBS Advertising Service", that is, using LBS big data to realize the advertising service system. In addition, the company announced its cooperation with luxury brand Louis Weedon.

According to reports, when opening the Mobi App in Shanghai, Mobi users will receive an invitation from the Louis Vuitton exhibition. This is the poster for the first time in China for the Louis Vuitton "Flight, Navigation, Travel" Exhibition on November 16. At the same time, the vehicle elements in the Mobi App interface have changed to the main part of the Louis Vuitton exhibition. Vision, to publicize exhibition information to users.

The cross-border cooperation with Louis Vuitton is an important practice in the commercialization of Mobi bicycles, Mobi said. At the same time, Moby Bicycle officially launched the "LBS Advertising Service", that is, the use of LBS big data to achieve the advertising service system.

According to reports, the cooperation between the two sides is based on the agreement of brand harmony and brand value proposition. Secondly, the high number of users and high traffic of Mobay bicycles are also the key factors to promote the commercial cooperation between the two sides. According to the data provided by the motorcycle industry, the total number of registered motorcycle users has exceeded 200 million so far.

Prior to that, the motorcycle has been exploring multiple commercialization efforts with several brands. Under the premise of ensuring user experience, the motorcycle has been exploring an attempt other than riding revenue. Through user survey, it is found that the users of Mobi bicycle hope to get some brand preferential benefits while riding. Based on the 1-3 km cycle life radius, Mobi bicycle combines the brand owners and cycling users. This process will also benefit users, brands and Mobi. According to the introduction, the first batch of customers of the commercialization of the company includes Google, Coca-Cola and other industries.

MobyBike has also officially launched a travel data-driven "LBS advertising service", which combines travel and consumption effectively. While riding users get additional travel preferences, it helps the brand to accurately lock in the target users and achieve efficient transformation. Taking Coca-Cola Hydraulic Music as an example, users can get coupons after riding, and can exchange them directly to nearby supermarkets to achieve high sales conversion.

In terms of commercialization, Mobai also claims to have a million-scale dual micromedia matrix, as well as offline, core user groups, and body creativity. The Ministry said it will continue to explore more integration of commercialization and user services in the future. (Zhang Jun)

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