Observers: hammer is hard to rebuild "winter's fairy tale".

Observers: hammer is hard to rebuild

Original title: hammer is hard to rebuild "winter's fairy tale"

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Recently, the media published the article "Hammer Life and Death Robbery", which reported that Hammer Technology has launched a company-wide layoff plan, leaving only 40% of the staff in the end. The article said that layoffs or hammer capital chain once again caught up in tension. Luo Yonghao, CEO of Hammer Technologies, responded quickly to this article on Weibo, saying: "This is the most untrue report we have seen in six years of starting a business."

In my opinion, no matter whether this article is false or not, hammer technology itself does have a lot of practical problems. Without major changes, the situation may deteriorate further.

The hammer phone was a fairy tale created by Luo Yonghao in the field of mobile phone. First of all, Luo Yonghao was a dreamer. He dropped out of school early and went to New Oriental to teach. Then he started Niubo and Hammer Technology. Luo's life path is full of uniqueness, and he has gained a lot of fans. Compared with other mobile phone brands, hammer technology's earliest nut mobile phone has strong fans attributes.

Luo Yonghao gave hammer mobile phone the label of "craftsman spirit" from the beginning, just as Hammer Technology introduced on Baidu: The mission of Hammer Technology is to create first-class digital consumer products (smartphones) with perfect user experience and improve people's quality of life.

This is reminiscent of millet created two years earlier than hammer. Both obtained the brand advantage of the starting line through the fan culture strategy. However, unlike Hammer, Lei Jun, the founder of millet, has more professional leadership in science and technology enterprises and more abundant resources in the industry. This can be seen from the financing history of millet and hammer: the total amount of hammer financing in several rounds is only 1.7 billion yuan, while the total amount of millet financing before listing is about 40.956 billion yuan.

The huge difference in the amount of financing means that millet can activate the scale effect quickly, and its main price card has gained a large number of price-sensitive users. Luo Yonghao insisted that the "high-end" of the hammer cell phone series was destined to its relative niche.

But mobile phones are not crafts, but high-frequency consumer goods. The younger generation focuses on the adaptability and cost performance of mobile phone hardware and software, and updates quickly. This is bound to shorten the iteration cycle of the mobile phone market, including Apple's head companies are continually accelerating the frequency of new products. Unlike Apple's original unique operating ecosystem, the biggest change in hammer phones is in the design, hardware configuration, and no subversive innovation.

Luo Yonghao's pursuit of idealism has led to a slow cycle in research, development, production and promotion of Hammer mobile phone series, which is unable to meet the "fast market" attribute of mobile phones. Once the brand positioning of "hammer = high quality" is carried on, hammer mobile phones can not be like millet mobile phones, as long as there are bright spots in price or hardware configuration, it is enough to win fans'support. Once the hammer phone new product has a gap with the fans' expectations, it will lead to a reduction in the number of buyers.

Nowadays, the mobile phone market is characterized by centralization. The top companies such as Apple, millet, Huawei and OPPO occupy the majority of the market share. Whether it is product iteration investment or marketing, hammers and other late-developing enterprises can not compete with it at all, and are prone to fall into a vicious circle - low sales of new products, slow return of funds, affecting follow-up product research and development and manufacturing investment, resulting in weak performance growth, and lack of sustained follow-up investment interest in the investment market.

Although Luo Yonghao is also trying to diversify the path including smart home hardware, bullet short message, etc., the overall effect is unsatisfactory, and the situation of financial constraints is further aggravated.

The biggest challenge facing Hammer Technologies is that in the main mobile phone industry in the past two years, it has been unable to bring out bright new products that can convince the supporters, let alone break through the existing niche market and achieve tens of millions of sales results. For a long time, how long can the fans rely on fans? And in the fields of smart home hardware, which has already become the Red Sea, what can hammer technology take against the giants who entered earlier? In the face of a series of negative news, can Luo Yonghao rebuild the "winter fairy tale" and keep the idealistic banner of individual and hammer technology alive? Maybe only time can give the answer.

(the writer is a freelance writer and focuses on financial and business topics).

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