Double 11 behind the technological driving force: electricity providers have "cloud" contributed to the huge volume of transactions.

Double 11 behind the technological driving force: electricity providers have

Original title: E-commerce has been on the "cloud" one after another, contributing to the technical driving force behind the huge volume of transactions "Shuang11"

Li Zhenghao

In 2018, Shuang11 has passed, leaving an impressive report card: Tianmao's 213.5 billion yuan turnover, Jingdong's 159.8 billion yuan orders, and even the Weiyi's turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 10.2 billion yuan, which are record data.

Through these data, some people see the consumption upgrading, some people see the change of China's e-commerce pattern, and others see the support of "black technology" behind "Shuang11". For example, Gong Ke, Executive Director of the New Generation Institute of Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy, told China Business News that, taking Tianmao as an example, it took only 21 seconds for Shuang11 to break through 1 billion yuan in 2018. Without the backing of innovative technology, it would be impossible to complete such a huge amount in such a short time. Volume of trade.

Li Kefeng, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of technology and Taiwan of Jingdong Mall, also said that if the technology team of Jingdong Mall was not divided into two parts at the end of 2017, and the technology front desk docked with each business department of Jingdong Mall, and the technology platform focused on solving common problems, there would be no "field" in Jingdong today. Boundless scenery, boundless goods and uninterrupted business ".

A senior executive of Weipinghui also told reporters that during the "Double 11" period, Weipinghui's cloud platform was constantly improving in the areas of operating system optimization, high-performance network, business scheduling algorithm, business automatic expansion and application portrait algorithm model, so that Weipinghui could cope with burst traffic calmly and meet more than 300 million users in the "double 11" period. Double 11 "high concurrent purchase demand.

New technology is productivity.

In the eyes of consumers, "double 11" is shopping carnival. But in the eyes of engineers, this is not the case.

Is "double 11" a carnival of e-commerce? Not really. I am a network engineer, I think "double 11" is the carnival of the new network. On the afternoon of November 13, Li Jin, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Aliyun China, told China Business News at the Intelligent Network Industry Forum (2018).

Since the electricity supplier is not carnival, what is "double 11"? Li Jin believes that from the point of view of network engineers, since the whole Ali e-commerce system of "Shuang11" has been transferred to "cloud", data interaction has already crossed the network and terminals, and data integration has crossed the edge of computing, then "Shuang11" in essence should be regarded as an extension of the telecommunications industry integration. A huge retail scene stretched out.

To support the astonishing volume of Shuang11 transactions, Alibaba has already built the world's largest hybrid cloud infrastructure and become the first large Internet company to "cloud" the core trading system.

A person from Aliyun told reporters that Aliyun's self-built data centers are mainly distributed in 11 usable areas in North China (located in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Hohhot, Qingdao), 12 usable areas in East China (located in Shanghai, Hangzhou) and 4 usable areas in South China (located in Shenzhen). The distribution of these infrastructures is similar to that of "Shenzhen". The TOP ranking of Tianmao Shuang11's turnover is highly consistent; through the rational layout of data centers, the use of large data, artificial intelligence and other frontier technologies, Alibaba maximizes the proximity scheduling, storage and optimal access of Shuang11's data, greatly improving the high concurrent transaction volume of Shuang11. Ability.

Li Kefeng revealed that at the beginning of 2017, CEO Liu Qiangdong of Jingdong Group proposed that "Jingdong should carry out technological transformation from retailers to retail infrastructure and technical service providers". Under this background, the technical team of Jingdong Mall was divided into foreground team and mid-stage team at the end of 2017. The foreground is mainly composed of foreground team and mid-stage team. It serves various business departments in Beijing and East China. Zhongtai mainly exports high abstract and reusable component resources and technology capability packages. Nowadays, whether it is commodity management, order management, inventory management, store management, or various technical capabilities of external export in Jingdong, it can be based on the same technology platform system, which greatly improves the response ability of the whole Jingdong system to Shuang11.

An insider of Weipinghui told reporters that before "Shuang11" in 2018, Weipinghui began to lay out the intelligent logistics system centered on "good goods". This system applies the artificial intelligence technology of logistics supply chain to excavate the background big data deposited by Weipinghui in the past ten years, and then enabled "people", "goods" and "field". From demand forecasting to automatic stock-up, from intelligent allocation to optimal delivery, improve the efficiency of the overall logistics supply chain and enhance the experience of members.

On the one hand, this intelligent logistics supply chain system can predict goods according to the daily behavior of members of the Commodity Club, pre-allocate goods to the pre-warehouse, and realize "orders are not placed, goods are in the way". On the other hand, according to the sales forecast, it can automatically purchase warehouses and stock up goods, so as to realize "good explosives are in the warehouse". "Not only that, we can also dynamically dispatch the manual and automated equipment in the warehouse according to the order flow forecast, so as to achieve the goal of"mission is not arrived, man-machine is in place", and fully guarantee the goods reserve and supply chain smooth during the period of"Shuang11". The source said.

The person also disclosed that in order to prepare for the "double 11" in 2018, Weipinghai also built a private cloud platform with the characteristics of Weipinghai to support the core areas of all purchasing processes against the background of the existing data center infrastructure. This private cloud platform not only provides a high-performance, low-latency operating environment, but also supports automatic second-level expansion. At the same time, it can improve the isolation and security between applications. It can deal with the peak traffic of related business applications 20-30 times as calmly as usual.

Group innovation practice

"Shuang11" originated from a big promotion in Taobao Mall in 2009, so in 2018, "Shuang11" is the tenth "Shuang11". Coincidentally, in February 2009, Aliyun "Flying Sky" system wrote the first line of code, in June 2009, Aliyun was officially established. That is to say, 2018 happened to be "double 11" for tenth years, and Ali Yun for tenth years.

According to public data, in March 2009, Zhang Yong took over Taobao Mall in less than two years after joining Alibaba (later renamed "Tianmao"). At that time, the project had just been launched for less than one year, and its popularity was very low. The project leader left his job, leaving only over 20 employees. So Zhang Yong took over an item that no one wanted to take over. Eyes. But Zhang Yong took only four months to put Taobao Mall on the right track. Zhang Yong believed that Taobao Mall had restored morale, only one market explosion point was missing. In order to create this "explosion point", Zhang Yong decided to launch a big promotion after National Day and before Christmas. The specific date was set for November 11, 2009, which is "Shuang11". The origin of it.

According to public data, only 27 brands participated in the first "Shuang11" and the sales volume was only 0.5 billion yuan. It can be said that there was no big wave in the market at that time.

Wang Jian, founder of Aliyun, also disclosed in Readers, that cloud computing is Ma Yun's decision, because Ma Yun believes that "cloud computing is the future". Wang Jian's original intention is to "gather the technical strength of Alibaba Group to build a large-scale cloud computing operating system independently developed by China, namely"Feitian". The goal is to connect thousands or even tens of thousands of ordinary PC servers together and turn them into a multi-functional supercomputer to achieve super-strength. Computational performance. "

Ali's first customer was Ali finance. At that time, Ma Yun personally guided Hu Xiaoming, who was then the president of Ali Finance, and put forward two requirements for Ali Finance: one is "only to do loans of less than 1 million yuan"; the other is "must be with the newly established Ali Yun, that is to say, the system structure of Ali Finance must be based on Ali Yun".

In a word, the innovative technology represented by cloud computing and Shuang11 happened to take root in the same year, but since then, Aliyun has promoted the expansion of the trading scale of Tianmao Shuang11, as well as the impulse of Chinese e-commerce to save money. For example, after the first "Tianmao Shuang11", that is, June 18, 2010, Jingdong also launched its first "Jingdong 618" promotion. Why did you choose June 18th? Because the Jingdong was founded in June 18, 1998. Since then, China's e-commerce has two promotional activities on June 18 and November 11 each year, attracting more Chinese e-commerce to join them.

After the opening of Jingdong 618, we gradually realized the importance of technical support. Until April 2016, Beijing East Cloud launched two major products: basic cloud and data cloud, and four solutions: business cloud, industrial cloud, logistics cloud and intelligent cloud. According to public data, during the "618" promotional period in 2016 after the launch of Beijing Dongyun, the loan of Beijing Dongyun was rapidly expanded to hundreds of G, which calmly withstood the impact of large volume of promotions, and realized 100% of orders were completed in the "cloud". After the "cloud" of its own business, in 2017, Jingdong also urgently proposed to transform to technology providers and export its own technological capabilities to the outside world. Today, Jingdong cloud has gradually become an important player in China's cloud computing market.

Driven by China's two major e-commerce giants, Chinese e-commerce groups joined the online shopping festival and embraced new technologies such as cloud computing and big data. It is understood that Suning Easy-to-buy chose to cooperate with Aliyun technically, while Materialism chose to cooperate with Microsoft Azure. In short, at present, China's e-commerce industry has realized that technological innovation is an important guarantee to support its own continued development.

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