Over a year and a half, more than 10 institutions broke the long chain of funds chain funds spell?

Over a year and a half, more than 10 institutions broke the long chain of funds chain funds spell?

Original title: in a year and a half, more than 10 institutions capital chain broken long rental apartments encounter "money curse"?

Xia Zhibin, Zhang Yu, Shi Yingjing

Shanghai apartment capital chain rupture has not faded. Recently, Chengdu many "small family joint bank" intermediary companies failed to pay the landlord's rent on time, resulting in landlords and tenants come to the door to cancel the contract. Many tenants found that although they had terminated the lease contract and moved out of the house, they still had to pay the rent in the contract to a phased service platform called "staging". In this regard, Chengdu relevant departments have repeatedly interviewed small affiliated banks, the company's head said that by the end of December, all the deposit refund and the "meeting by stages" lifting problem will be resolved.

According to the four groups of contact information on the official website of Xiaojialian Bank, the reporter of China Business Daily called Chengdu Headquarters many times. Up to the press release, no one answered. Almost at the same time, the news that Haoyuan Hengye, the Beijing long-Rent apartment operator, has broken its capital chain has also been bubbling. Prior to this, Lei Jun's long-Rent apartments, which ranked among the top seven in the industry, were suddenly exploded. Following that, the earliest brand of long-Rent apartments in Changsha, coffee cat, was exposed to the breakdown of the capital chain, and the problem of no rent return and deposit return occurred, involving hundreds of owners, totaling more than 10 million yuan. And 2 months ago, Hangzhou's Ding Jia apartment also broke its capital chain.

Reporters in the interview learned that long-term rental apartments successive problems behind the problem of capital chain or become its main reason. Recently, the White Paper on Housing Rental in China 2018, produced by Shell Research Institute and Industrial Research Institute of the 21st Century, shows that the first batch of apartment enterprises have collapsed up to now. The main causes of closure are broken capital chain, irregular fire fighting and legal risks of property rights. The closure rate of long-Rent apartments is 3.6%.

Rent loan trap

Over the past few days, many apartment landlords and tenants have reported to our reporter that apartments are now out of touch. Many landlords have not received the rent of apartment management in September, while some tenants may be expelled because the landlord has not received the rent. At the same time, a considerable number of tenants are still in deep rent and worried about themselves. Credit is affected and complaints are endless. As of press release, many tenants told reporters that Pudong Development Bank has begun to settle loans.

On October 24, the reporter came to Shanghai Xiaofa Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiaofa Science and Technology") which belongs to the apartment on the 7th floor of 90 building in Xinhui Park, Caohejing New Technology Development Zone, Xuhui District. On the business directory of the hall, the business card of Xiaofa Science and Technology can not be seen. In the science and Technology Office of the apartment, there is no office for a long time, only two staff members are responsible for registering visitor records.

Mr. Tao, a tenant, told reporters that he signed a one-year contract with the apartment in December last year. By April this year, the housekeeper informed the apartment owner that the rent had been lowered and that it was necessary to re-sign the contract with the Yuanbao E family. The time was still one year. All the contracts were electronic contracts and there was no paper version. "Until I saw the news on the Internet, I didn't know that the contract signed was rent and loan. Now I can't contact Yuanbao's family, but according to Yuanbao's contract, it will not expire until April next year." Mr. Tao said helplessly.

Earlier, Mr. Tao also received a text message from Yuanbao e's family saying that the landlord could not pay the rent in time due to the problem of fund flow, which led to the landlord's eviction of tenants. In view of this situation, the tenant must not move out of the house. As long as the tenant pays the loan back on time, the Tenancy Right is one. The Yuanbao E family is actively coordinating the relevant parties to communicate and solve the problem of financial liquidity. Please don't move out of the house.

Mr. Tao's experience is not an example. The financial products of apartment replacement are not only Yuanbao e's. According to the incomplete statistics of the tenants'rights protection groups, the rents and loans tied up by tenants include Yuanbao e's family, payment by stages, distributor, Ping'an good housing finance, ant lending, and other businesses such as CCB and Pufa. Financial products of banks.

Another Mr. Bian, who rented an apartment, told reporters that at the beginning of the rent, the housekeeper said that it would be cheaper to take a financial loan on a safe and good house than to pay cash. But just two or three months after the contract expired, the housekeeper said that the rent would be discounted again if he changed to Pudong Development Bank. "From Ping An to Pufa, the inquiry found that the previous financial loan contract was still in existence, and the housekeeper responded that the remaining loans had been settled." In fact, Mr Bian said his last financial loan contract had not been settled. In September this year, the customer service called Mr. Bian again and said that the rent of another financial platform would continue to be discounted. Mr. Bian told reporters that an unknowing tenant was carrying three or four loans from financial institutions.

In response to the tenants'concerns, the Economic Investigation Detachment of Xuhui District in Shanghai responded to our reporter's statement that the apartment is a civil case, and the tenants should go to the police station where their houses are located for the record. In addition, reporters have repeatedly contacted apartments to see the apartment, but as of press time, did not receive a reply.

Escape from "capital robbery"

According to statistics, since February last year, there have been Gowo Apartment, Color Apartment, Haoxi Apartment, Haoxi Apartment, Haoxi Apartment, Haoxi Apartment, Haoxi Apartment, Ai Apartment, Premier Renter, Kaysen Asia, Dingjia Apartment linked to the breakdown of the capital chain, coupled with the recent apartment and coffee cat apartment, etc. At present, there are more than 10 parents renting apartment institutions have broken the capital chain. As in the curse, the long rental apartments can not escape "capital robbery".

As for the reasons for the rupture of the capital chain, on October 16, See Asset Management Co., Ltd. issued a letter to the tenant, saying that due to the poor management of the company itself, there has been a serious shortage of funds, the company now has no funds to allocate, the company's equity has been pledged to the loan bank, account management. The right has also been fully received by the lending bank.

On October 19, Changsha Evening News reported that the earliest brand of long-Rent apartment coffee cat in Changsha had been exposed to the broken capital chain, which resulted in the problem of no rent return and deposit return. More than 400 households (more than 200 of them have been renovated) in Changsha were granted loans involving more than 10 million yuan. The actual person in charge of the coffee cat said that this was mainly affected by the policy, the financing partners could not provide enough funds, so that the original commitment of the project funds were not in place, which led to the breakdown of the capital chain.

On August 20, a long-Rent apartment operator in Hangzhou named "Dingjia Network Technology Co., Ltd." announced that it had stopped operating because of poor management and broken capital chain. According to Wei Yongfeng, the legal representative of Dingjia Company, Dingjia entered the long-Rent apartment market in 2017. It was only a few months later that it found that the profit of the apartment industry was very thin, but the operating cost was very high, and gradually it had been losing money.

Longdongping, co-founder of mushroom rental housing, said in an interview with our reporter that the crisis was that the funds did not keep pace with the development process, resulting in the breakdown of the capital chain. He predicted that the breakdown of the capital chain in apartments would still occur.

It was also reported that the apartment had already found the "receiving party" or "green guest". "In view of the current situation, we have reached a cooperative intention with Shanghai's most powerful local organization, which has taken over the follow-up operation and management of the owners'houses. Now we are doing system docking, data checking and contacting the owners," Xiaoyu Science and Technology said in the Owners' Bulletin.

In response to this matter, the reporter called Vice President of Qingke Apartment Qu Chengcai, the other side said that the above news is rumors, not true.

Supervision of "magic spell"

As for the enterprises with broken capital chain, the person in charge of Qingke Apartment recently told our reporter, "The first thing is to see whether the enterprise has a relatively perfect operation and management ability. The second thing we need to focus on is whether it can focus on this business. Today, many real estate companies take the rental money to solve the problem may be their cash, but how much money is really used for the rental itself? In this case, people should be more calm to view the operation of long-Rent apartments towards this requirement, which is very important.

"Long-rent apartment operators are in fact large-scale second landlords, essentially earning price differentials, mainly relying on services, rents and Reinvestment investment, but the reinvestment process takes a long time, so financial intervention is needed." In the view of Lu Wenxi, an analyst of Shanghai Central Plains Real Estate Market, the mode of combining long-Rent apartments with finance is correct, but in the process of rapid development, the regulation or supervision can not be absent.

In fact, in recent years, the government's supervision over the long rental apartment market has become increasingly stringent. Shanghai Municipal Housing and Construction Commission and other five departments jointly issued the Notice on Further Standardizing the Related Business of Agent Rental Enterprises and Individual Rent Loans in Shanghai on September 30 this year. A total of 10 specific regulatory measures were put forward, which clarified the business conditions for developing individual rent loans, the need for agent rental enterprises to prompt risks and strengthen risk management. The main responsibilities of banks and financial institutions are to establish and strictly enforce the system of interview.

According to the statistics of Kerui Real Estate Research Center, corporate bonds of many enterprises have been suspended since this year, including Joint Venture's 10 billion yuan Housing leasing special corporate bonds, Hongkun's 2 billion yuan Housing leasing special corporate bonds, Zhongjun's 4 billion yuan private company bonds, and small public company bonds of 4.5 billion yuan. Financial Street 5 billion yuan small public company debt and so on.

More and more housing companies are pouring heavy money into the long-Rent apartment sector, but profit is still a problem for the brand of long-Rent apartments under the flag of housing enterprises. In this regard, Zhongjun Chang Rent Apartment Brand said that the apartment industry is a low-profit industry, the financial pressure is relatively large, Zhongjun in the apartment development is relatively stable, will not be as optimistic as other apartments to obtain external housing resources, more cautious corner, for income measurement will also have strict requirements and control, must be achieved. To the requirement of internal revenue.

Longdongping suggests that other apartment operators should learn from the experience of capital chain breakdown, which includes controlling cash flow, improving operational efficiency, and controlling the cost of apartment decoration. In the case of fixed housing cost and tax revenue, the operation cost and decoration cost control are more refined, and the refined operation capacity of apartments and the improvement of human efficiency are the key to the profits of apartments.

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