Chen Shengqiang: Jingdong Finance officially upgraded to "JDD" number of departments to help solid transformation

Chen Shengqiang: Jingdong Finance officially upgraded to

On the morning of November 20, Sina Technologies News reported that the Beijing East Digital Technology Global Explorer Conference was held in Beijing today. Chen Shengqiang, CEO of Beijing East Finance, said that financial technology used data to boost the development of the financial industry, and digital technology would also promote the transformation of the real industry.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Chen Shengqiang talked about the deep integration of science and technology with industry. He introduced that digital technology can realize the digital transformation of all production factors and processes, forming a complete and sustainable closed-loop.

He said that the integration of technology and industry should be measured by the reduction of industrial costs, the improvement of user experience, the increase of industrial income and the iteration of business models.

On this basis, Chen Shengqiang reviewed the strategic evolution of Jingdong Group. He said that Jingdong had completed the digital transformation of the retail industry in the supply chain by connecting the two sides, simplifying the process, and intelligentizing information. In the area of unbounded retail, Jingdong is also promoting retail as a service, providing digital retail infrastructure to its partners. The financial industry of Jingdong has gradually focused its business on the digitalization of retail finance and industry, focusing on the strategic upgrading of Jingdong Group.

Chen Shengqiang said that the development of each industry has its own unique logic. The way and speed of integration of industry and digital technology are different, but technology companies need to know more about industry, and industry needs to know more about technology.

In addition, Chen Shengqiang also announced on the spot that Jingdong Finance has officially released the urban operating system Jingdong City, which serves the construction of intelligent cities around the world, and the intelligent marketing screen Jingdong Material Media based on Internet of Things technology.

In addition, Chen Shengqiang also said that in addition to the above areas, Jingdong Finance has also introduced products and solutions in the digital campus, digital agriculture and other industries. He announced that Jingdong Financial Brand has no longer adapted to the existing business, the brand has officially upgraded to Jingdong Digital Technology, as well as a brand new English logo "JDD". As a core sector, financial services continue to provide services to existing users. (Zhou Feng)

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