Aurora Borealis Deng Feng: VC threshold will be higher in the next ten years, investment institutions will be more professional.

Aurora Borealis Deng Feng: VC threshold will be higher in the next ten years, investment institutions will be more professional.

On the morning of Nov. 20, Sina Technologies News reported that Deng Feng, managing director of Arctic Lights Venture Capital, had recently communicated with Sina Technologies and other media at the Science Awards Presentation Ceremony and F Science Summit in the future, saying that the threshold of venture capital industry will be higher in the next ten years, and that institutions will enter into earlier projects and also be more professional. And more scientific and technological directions.

Deng Feng talked about industrial Internet, saying that the development of Internet technology has entered a stage of integration with industrial upgrading and transformation. For the industry, mobile Internet technology and Internet of things technology is more important. He believes that in making investment decisions, wireless Internet, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence should be considered and treated together.

This also means that the entry threshold of industrial investment is higher, because the relevant fields need both Internet and industry experience; the team also requires both toB and toG capabilities, and higher industry resource accumulation requirements.

When talking about how to treat industrial investors, Deng Feng believes that venture capital will not be replaced by industrial investors, and the two are complementary to each other to some extent. Under the new situation, venture capital will enter a project in a more early stage, which also makes the venture capital industry change to a more professional and technological direction.

Among them, professional requirements come from the judgment of projects and teams. Deng Feng said that in today's scientific research system, there is a gap in the chain of transformation from research results to business environment. How to use the risk investment mechanism to improve the environment itself has a very high professional requirement for the team.

In addition, Deng Feng believes that today's venture capital institutions are more suitable for exploring and discussing projects with teams and incubating projects in a deeper way.

This is reflected in the proportion of investment projects in northern light. Deng Feng disclosed that in the past year, about 80% of the investment cases of Arctic Lights Venture Capital were in the technical field, which is in line with the investment strategy of the institution, but the significant change is that the proportion of early projects has increased.

However, Deng Feng said that the development speed of industrial Internet will not be very fast, and the development time may be very long. Taking the development of artificial intelligence and life sciences as examples, he said that the development of related fields is 10-20 years long. This has also put forward a more patient demand for venture capital.

"In the next ten years, VC should reflect on the mode of low investment and high return." Deng Feng believes that the average return of venture capital industry in the next decade will be lower than that in the past ten years, but due to the accelerated development trend of scientific and technological innovation in China and even in the world, venture capital will still have good returns.

In terms of how to promote and promote scientific research and innovation, Deng Feng, as a donor of the future science awards, said that the purpose and original intention of setting up folk awards to reward scientific workers was to encourage the whole society to recognize and respect science by rewarding scientists. (Zhou Feng)

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