Su -57 is superior to F-22 and F-35? Experts say Russia is exaggerating.

Su -57 is superior to F-22 and F-35? Experts say Russia is exaggerating.

Recently, Russian media reported that Hayle Strelitz, chief designer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, said that the versatility of the Sukhoi-57 was its main trump card in modern warfare, and its performance was superior to that of the U.S. F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters. Su-57 is versatile and can effectively destroy air, water and ground targets, while F-22 and F-35 can only perform limited tasks.

"Generally speaking, Russian experts have exaggerated the performance of Su -57. It is generally accepted internationally that the aerodynamic shape of the Su-57 is backward, its stealth performance is not good, and even its pseudo-stealth performance can only be regarded as the Fifth Generation Aircraft. Moreover, it has no supersonic cruising capability, even if the product - 30 engine is replaced, it will not improve much. Wang Qun, a think-tank of Defense Science and technology strategy research at National University of Defense Technology, told ScienceDaily.

The Soviet -57 fighter is the Russian Air Force's fifth generation single seat double stealth multifunctional heavy fighter. The F-22 has been in service for 13 years, and the F-35 has been equipped in many countries. Other aircraft of the same level in the later development will take it as a reference and catch-up object. It is certain that Su -57 was entrusted with the heavy responsibility of competing with F-22 and F-35 from the beginning.

Wang Qun said: "F-22 is generally an air superiority fighter, focusing more on air combat capability. F-35 highlights the ability to attack the ground. In contrast, Su -57 focuses on multi-function, not only for air combat, but also for surface and surface targets. It is said that it can carry 14 kinds of weapons, equipped with X-59MK2 stealth cruise missile with a range of 300 kilometers and ultra-long range R-37M air-to-air missile with a range of over 300 kilometers, which can better reflect its so-called versatility.

However, he also pointed out, "Let's not say whether the function of F-22 is single or not, let's say that the development idea of the Five Generations fighter plane in the United States is to match the F-22 with the F-35 in high and low levels, so as to make the system combat capability strong. Russia prefers to concentrate more functions on the Su-57, expecting to be proficient in everything, apparently reluctantly. Therefore, the idea of the United States should be more realistic.

"Compared with F-22 and F-35, the Su-57 has some weaker performance indicators, but it also has advantages, such as outstanding maneuverability, powerful radar and electronic warfare systems, and more types of weapons." Wang Qun said, "Russia's radar equipped on the Su-57 is really exceptional. Its N036 active phased array radar can detect targets within 400 kilometers, track 62 targets at the same time, and hit 16 of them at the same time. Such a performance index is true. In particular, there are 6 phased array radar equipped with Soviet -57 equipped with the ability of field vision.

Yuri Belle, Dean of Jihomirov Institute of Instrument Design Science, said that the Su-57 would become a 5th generation + fighter after equipped with a new product-30 engine.

Wang Qun said, "The so-called Five Generations + Fighter should be a fighter between the Fifth Generation fighter and the Sixth Generation fighter. In recent years, some countries have proposed the development of Six Generations fighter planes, but what exactly the Six Generations fighter planes look like is still under discussion, and there is far from a consensus. It is generally believed that the Sixth Generation fighters should at least further strengthen the specific characteristics of the Fifth Generation fighters, such as stealth performance, supersonic cruise, super maneuverability and super information capabilities. Su -57 upgrade is more hypersonic cruise and super maneuverability.

"It is said that the product-30 engine uses a lot of new technologies, its afterburning thrust can reach 18 tons, and it is generally believed that there will be vector nozzles. Su -57 if the replacement product -30 type, its supersonic cruise capability will be greatly improved. Of course, these are all on paper. After all, there is still a way to go from changing to forming combat effectiveness. " Wang Qun introduced.

"In fact, there is a general international disapproval of the Su-57, and Russia is divided into two groups, one of which even thinks it is not a Five Generation Aircraft. According to a news release in August this year, the Russian Military Industrial Complex said that it would adopt some of the existing technology of the Su-57 in its future six-generation aircraft program. The implication is that Su -57 is just a transitional product and may be pushed back. Some experts even said that Su -57 was only able to solve any problems. This statement should not be overdone. Otherwise, the Soviet Union-57, which costs so much and has'better performance than F-22 and F-35', why did the Russian military purchase only 12 units in the first batch? This should not be entirely a matter of bad money. It can be seen that the above Russian experts' remarks are somewhat doubtful. Wang Qun added.

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