Goldman Sachs downgraded Apple's target price to US $182 in China's market.

Goldman Sachs downgraded Apple's target price to US $182 in China's market.

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On the evening of November 20, Beijing time, Sina Technologies News reported that Goldman Sachs today released its investment research report, lowering Apple's target stock price from $209 to $182, and maintaining its "neutral" rating.

Goldman Sachs believes that Apple's share price will continue to grow in the coming December due to the sluggish market demand for many of its products and the poor performance of the iPhone XR in markets other than the United States.

"Apart from the weakness of some of Apple's products in China and other emerging markets, the performance-to-price ratio of the iPhone XR does not seem to be recognized by users outside the United States," Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall said in the report.

"Our current expectations for Apple's performance are at the bottom of the company's guiding expectations," Hall said. Goldman Sachs now expects Apple's diluted earnings per share to reach $13.40 in 2019.

Recently, many of Apple's supply chain partners cut their performance expectations due to the slump in demand for the iPhone. To this end, a number of investment banks have lowered iPhone sales expectations, as well as Apple's stock rating and target share price.

Yesterday, Apple's shares closed at $193.53. In today's pre trading, Apple's share price was once at $180.68, down 2.79%. (Li Ming)

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