Large scale shipments of 5G devices have already started: HUAWEI has shipped 10 thousand 5G base stations.

Large scale shipments of 5G devices have already started: HUAWEI has shipped 10 thousand 5G base stations.

Surging news reporter Zhou Ling

On November 20, Hu Houkun, Chairman-in-Office of Huawei, said at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum that 154 operators in 66 countries are conducting 5G testing and large-scale shipment of 5G equipment has begun. "Huawei has shipped 10,000 5G base stations, mainly for European and Middle East markets."

In his speech, Hu Houkun shared the revolutionary changes brought about by 5G. He appealed to industrial partners to break the inertial thinking, define new terminals, develop new applications, break through new experiences and maximize the value of 5G innovation.

First, linking platforms: connecting platforms, not just pipes. The arrival of 5G will make the wireless access network, not just a pipeline, but a ubiquitous platform. No one does not enjoy, everywhere, no connection is a reality.

Second, always online: real-time online becomes the default, rather than the default offline. Platform connectivity enables online to become a new normal and default capability. Most of the devices that are currently offline and are not connected will be fully interconnected online.

Third, full cloud: intelligence is not enough, not scarce resources. All online has come into reality. This will also spawn new models of Cloud X and bring new opportunities.

Fourth, redefine the terminal: everything from plug and play to plug and play. Based on the seamless collaboration of cloud, network and terminal chip, the terminal will be redefined, will be real-time online, natural interaction, understand what you need, direct service.

Fifth, continuity: good experience is continuous without breakpoints, not fragmentation. With the realization of full online and full cloud, the continuity of time and space is no longer a problem, and the 5G era will truly realize the intelligent experience of the whole scene.

Hu Houkun stressed that 5G is ready in three key areas: availability, economy and application, but it still needs to break through barriers in spectrum and site resource support.

"Operators lack 5G spectrum resources. They hope that the government will coordinate and distribute 5G spectrum to connect large broadband, and the total cost of spectrum should be equal to that of 4G. Except for C band, all bands will go to 5G, including 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz. We encourage governments to share more public resources for site deployment, such as roofs and light poles, to help operators reduce costs and save time.

Hu Houkun said that 5G will make an important and lasting contribution to society. Huawei's goal is to build a strong, minimal, intelligent and secure 5G network.

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