He Xiaopeng: the car repairer is Xiaopeng either cross or filled crater

He Xiaopeng: the car repairer is Xiaopeng either cross or filled crater

Sina Technology News January 21st morning news in IF2018 geeks Park Innovation Conference, Xiaopeng automobile chairman He Xiaopeng delivered a keynote speech that cars is a giant pit, or cross over or filled. In his view, the overall scientific and technological content of the car is very low now, and if some elements of science and technology are added, the feeling will be completely different.

"People really buy electric cars today, most of them don't want to buy electric cars," He Xiaopeng said, due to the national policies, subsidies and other Yaohao effect, this industry internet repairer seems not too good. But another set of data showed that in the last 4 years, and 314 new car companies rise, "why? Because people are going to change the industry.

In He Xiaopeng's view, the auto industry can be divided into three levels:

1, sofa + wheel: 20 years of cars and today's cars, from the structure of a little change.

2, pad+ wheel: with the progress of technology, the car has a new system, a network, a battery and so on.

3, robot + wheel: in the future, cars will be more and more like robots. "Now the car has cloud, strong computing units, there are more than a dozen cameras, radar and so on."

"The core is to do the automatic driving car Xiaopeng and Internet innovation, high quality, high value, high price to Yan", He Xiaopeng believes that the car has become a tool for traffic from touch new, a new electric car, is to start a new life in the future. Soon, there will be a lot of new AI companies, camera companies, and so on. "It's all the opportunity."

He believes that the technology content of today's Internet cars is too small. If we add a small number of technology elements, we will feel completely different. "The cost of cars and parts is not as expensive as they imagined, but cars are reluctant to do so".

In his view, the definition of an Internet car must have 4 core elements.

1, the company has a new Internet gene: today, many vehicle factories in the definition of a car, the logic is to whom to sell? It does not take into account the user's word-of-mouth, does not consider the data, and does not consider how to improve the next car through the data. So, the Internet repairer must improve the iterative upgrade ability.

2, automatic driving: at present most companies is the study of route from A to B, while the car is Xiaopeng route, do first automatically follow, automatic parking, which is different with other companies.

3, user participation: the user has not opened, how can we know the good or bad? Soon after, the car will do more Xiaopeng campaign, "you don't need to buy, let you experience the change of science and technology".

4, in awe of cross-border Networking: when entering the Internet repairer, many people will find that this is a giant pit, or cross over, or filled. There is a new car downline, the car people feel that the car I made can start. The Internet is feeling: this car sucks, what are not, is a sofa + wheels.

"We expect to make a new car company, at the same time, I believe that in the future there will be new car software and Hard Suits Inc," He Xiaopeng said, Chinese cars company will face many small problems, but will be solved, also hope that users try to do more, "for this era, to much faster than you think".

It is reported that the car Xiaopeng was founded in 2014, the three one screen "development as the starting point, to carry out research and development of core system of the Internet began to enter the car, and other vehicle development stage at the beginning of 2015. In September 2016, the launch of the Beta version of prototype car Xiaopeng, February 2017 the first trial vehicle line, more than 100 sets of trial production vehicles have passed the stringent test. Through the cooperation with the traditional car prices by car Xiaopeng cars in the hippocampus, the hippocampus car production qualification, the first product in October last year, was successfully launched, becoming the first to realize the production of Internet companies.

In the mode of production, and the car and Wei Xiaopeng Weimaraner differ, Wei to find the number of partners, there is self built two factories, and in addition to the hippocampus car Xiaopeng partners, in May last year announced a total investment of 10 billion in Guangdong, Zhaoqing, the construction of a total vehicle production base covers an area of 3000 acres, of which the first phase the project plans to invest 4 billion yuan, is expected in 2019 will be completed after the operation, will achieve an annual capacity of 100 thousand cars. (Han Dapeng)

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