The Chinese team was defeated by the referee: the South Korea's Winter Olympics could not be understood.

The Chinese team was defeated by the referee: the South Korea's Winter Olympics could not be understood.

Original title: angry! The Chinese short track speed skating was defeated by the referee, and the South Koreans did not understand the Winter Olympics.

From the micro-blog @CCTV5 news, in the just concluded Pingchang Olympic Games women's 3000 meter short track speed skating relay final, composed of fan, song spring, Li Jinyu and Al Zhou Yang China team, foulpenalty no achievement; the Canadian team also was sentenced to foul. South Korea, Italy harvest the crown runner up, B group first Holland team to win the bronze medal. As for the punishment, I really don't understand...

At the same time, the four girls, we also hurt the back of the coach. She suffered so much that she couldn't realize that she was only feeling the same. The coach comforted the players, but who knew she had to bear more.

As the netizens say, anyway, you are our first!

Sina sports has also published an article, said cannot read up on the decision results

More and more don't understand the short track! Yang Yang said that, Zhou Yang said that, and I said that.

The South Korean team failed to hand over the stick, tripping over Canada was not convicted of foul. Because there was no judgment, South Korea, the first South Korea, got the gold medal. The situation at the time was that the South Korean contestant had a clear fall after the completion of the baton and affected the skiing of the Canadian players.

Official performance after the game showed that the South Korean gold medal, Italy silver medal and bronze medalist were Holland team. Holland team broke the world record in the finals of group B, because the A group of Canada and China all fouled, so the Holland team of group B came to the bronze medal.

The Chinese team scored 4 points, 05 seconds, 315 in the qualifying game, creating a new Olympic record. But excessive as several times before the referee, the final game or strike terror into the heart of our.

The history of the South Korean team won a total of five games in the women's 3000 metre relay gold medal, China team is the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games champion, the Olympic team we won all four gold medals. But that was eight years ago.

Eight years later, Pingchang is the home of the Korean team. Two laps to go in the final, Zhou Yang and van al over the South Koreans, seize the opportunity to move beyond success since then became Fan Kexin and Cui Minjing confrontation, the Canadian team is al van blocked in the sprint moment, may also be because of the small block, and block the episode, and Chinese Canada was sentenced to foul, while South Korea won the logical. Li Yan was unbelievable when he saw the penalty.

The author as a participated in the four Winter Olympics of editors, could not help but think of the 18 ISU's official statement:

The ISU decided not to comment. The decision of the referee is the final decision. In women's 500 meters, men's 1500 meters, men's 1000 meters, men's 5000 meter relay and women's 3000 meter relay semifinal, 20 fouls were committed, and athletes from 11 countries were violating the rules. All the fouls are obstructing the fouls.

Before today's competition, the referee of this winter Olympic Games had 34 fouls, 11 teams suffered, and the first of all was the Chinese team. Although there are difficulties, but to refueling. But it seems difficult it is extremely hard.

No more, four years later, see Beijing. What does four years mean to an athlete? You know I understand everybody!

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